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The overseas sports broadcasting service we provide is free to use, does not collect personal information from members, and does not require membership registration. There is no need to watch broadcasts while paying a viewing fee. The real-time sports broadcasting service provided by Hktv25 is a high-quality service that allows you to enjoy sports broadcasting … Read more

How is the media reflected in the sport?

The PPT and its administrative bodies define the minimum quality standards that any professional padel tennis tournament must have, according to a model very similar to that of professional tennis with the current ATP-1000 models, where each organizer has some rights to use its event, while complying with the minimum requirements in different areas such … Read more

8 design trends in sports in 2022

The sports industry is back on track, leaving behind – or almost – the aftermath of Covid-19. Major sporting events will be held this year. But, without a doubt, the eyes of sports fans will be focused on the biggest event in football, the World Cup in Qatar 2022, which will be held between November … Read more

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Itoh had one of the best points of the game. In third place with Nick Allen who is 2 out, Ipoh equaled Eddy Olivares. Alvarez, 31, who carried the American flag at the opening ceremony with basketball star Sue Bird, won a silver medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi as an American athlete. … Read more