Stay well positioned at the table

The worst table you could find is the one where few players call the blinds, look at this in 10 or 12 hands, also if immediately after you come to the table there are players systematically raising the bets, if you can’t identify the weak players or on the contrary you identified many strong players, and if just before your position there are players with few chips, although the latter would only benefit us in the case of participating in a tournament, since many players when they have few chips left They all bet to try to double down or steal the blinds and our position on them will prevent them from stealing from us. But remember only for tournaments, not for cash tables.

Position at the table

As I said before, do not choose positions immediately before players who raise the bets systematically because they are very uncomfortable to make our game, for example we have a hand that we consider good to see the flop but we know that 홀덤사이트 it will not be the best far from it, we call the blind, and now comes the crazy guy who always raises whatever he takes, so we no longer consider that calling the raise is a good idea, so we fold and lose our first bet. If this happens continuously it can become exasperating and one of two or we end up charging him by taking him in a good hand or he takes us because we will go at the least appropriate time induced by the desire to finish him off.

Take advantage when you are dessert.

The blinds rotate and depending on where they are, your position will be more or less advantageous. Be cautious when there are many people left to bet after you since you do not know the bets of those who are missing and someone can have a good hand and squeeze hard. Go gaining in courage as there are fewer people to bet after you as long as the right circumstances obviously exist

If you are in a tournament try to stay at or above the average to reach the final table. If you nail a good hand with a good pot from time to time it will surely be more than enough to reach the final.

If you are at a cash table and you have a losing streak,

be patient it will pass and there will surely be chances to recover and win, although you must take care that your stack does not go down too much.

Protect yourself in bad streaks. Think that the possibility of protecting yourself from a losing streak is easier in a cash game than in a tournament. In a tournament there are times when you no longer have time because you are sinking with the slab of increasingly larger blinds and when the time comes you will have to play it with the first half-good thing that falls into your hands.