Rug Care with Rug Steam Cleaning

The exceptional way to take care of your wool rug from getting stained is by using having a “no footwear/no food policy” to your valued ground rug.

With proper upkeep, your fashionable wool rug will look awesome for years—it’d even end up a own family heirloom with a purpose to be utilized by the subsequent era—supplied the rug is nicely cleaned, of course.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wool Rug Care:

If there’s a first-rate spill for your rug and also you want to act immediately, make sure you have the under do’s and don’ts checked:

  • DON’T try to rub the affected region. That will in addition push the stain into the rug and motive the fibres to fuzz or matt collectively.
  • DO immediately scoop up the solids and then blot the liquid tenderly with tissues, converting them by means of turns as they become saturated.
  • DO NOT use alkaline detergents such as laundry soap since the buffers added to these detergents to keep their pH steady may cause colour leakage in your wool rugs.
  • DO take a look at a small, less-conspicuous place first to ensure colourfastness.

Can I Steam Clean a Wool Rug?

Yes, you can. Rug steam cleaning is virtually one of the most effective methods counseled by using professionals to smooth your wool rug. Here is what to do:

Step 1: Give it a Good Shake.

Wool rugs can harbor massive volumes of unfastened dust, pollen, and dirt of their weaves. By taking it exterior and shaking it properly, you may force many such factors to come back off.

Here’s a way to shake your wool rug well:

  • Take your wool rug exterior on a clean sunny day.
  • Use a laundry line or patio beam to grasp the rug.
  • To get extra inner dust out, take a timber kitchen spoon or comparable device.
  • Beat the rug moderately until you can’t see the dirt clouds anymore.

Step 2: Vacuum the Rug

Before using rug steam cleaning in Melbourne to dispose of the stains off the wool rug, specialists advocate vacuuming it nicely. Doing so will clear diverse dust elements resting underneath the floor. Also, it’s vital to recognize your rug’s pile type earlier than vacuuming.

You can use an extra conventional brush vacuum for flatter and dense piles, normally called “quick pile rugs.”

However, if your wool rug is shaggy, the use of a conventional brush vacuum isn’t counseled. Instead, you could use a suction-best vacuum to easy the dust.

Step 3: Use a Rug Conditioner

There are two moves you should in no way take on your wool rug:

  1. Dampen it with a cleaner
  2. Deploy a widespread rug shampooer for its cleansing.

Too lots moisture is one of the worst enemies of a wool rug and might result in molds’ brief improvement. To clean your wool rug well without damaging it, you can use powder-based conditioners. Here’s how to do the equal:

  • Make sure the rug has already been dusted and vacuumed.
  • Spread the rug flat in an open region.
  • You best require a thin layer of cleansing-powder. Remember, less is extra.
  • Rub the powder into the rug the usage of a soft-bristle brush or your fingers
  • Allow the powder to sit down for three to 5 minutes.
  • Vacuum up the leftover powder.
  • Shake the rug to get rid of any excess dust or powder.

These powdered marketers can paintings simply as efficaciously as their water-primarily based counterparts.

Step 4: Spot Treat Certain Areas

For some stubborn stains that received’t burst off, you’ll should treat them. Use a smooth stain remover on wool carpets since they are susceptible to liquid stains. You can consider getting ready the subsequent homemade stain casting off agent to apply in your wool rugs:

  • Eight components of water
  • One-component white vinegar
  • A slight dishwashing detergent (Small quantity)

To practice, dab the solution onto a easy cloth. Afterward, rub into the stained place in a circular motion till the stains vanish. Use a sparkling and dry paper fabric to absorb any leftover water.

Step 5: Use a light steamer on your wool rug.

Extensive steaming on wool rugs isn’t cautioned. However, light rug steam cleaning may be effective. Wool draws moisture and turns into susceptive to mould. With light steaming, now not best are you able to smooth your wool rug efficiently, the odors may be eliminated as nicely.

  • While rug steam cleaning, keep the steam cleaner at least six inches away.
  • Steam the whole rug by way of getting into complete motions
  • Make sure no longer to spend extra than five seconds on the equal spot.
  • Over steaming will damage the lanolin within the wool and resolve the fibers.
  • Once done, positioned the wool rug in a sunny place, ideally a terrace, to thoroughly dry. If that doesn’t appear viable, allow the rug dry in a single day.


Wool rugs are sensitive and require proper preservation. Improper cleansing techniques can harm them for accurate. We have collected excellent hints from experts on rug steam cleaning a wool area rug to help you deal with your wool rugs. Use those guidelines and notice your wool rug shine better than a brand new rug!