Choose Best RO Water Purifier For Your Home

Water is one of the most important part of our life for the better functioning of our body and body parts. Most of the metabolic functions need water for being carried out properly. Hence it is essential to drink an adequate amount of water and that too safe drinking water. Many of the water purifiers that are available in the markets but you should know which one is the better for you. You can go to market and check the best RO water purifier.

Proper Way To Choose A RO Water Purifier

But you donot know about the functioning of the RO and Water Purifiers Service. So we can help you which is better for you and which purifiers give the best result. Drinking impure water may lead to the occurrence of several water-borne diseases which may lead to a huge hospital bill in the course of treatment. Therefore, it is always recommended to drink safe and potable water, which is purified mostly by the Reverse Osmosis process.

Though there are many techniques of purifying water, the reverse osmosis method is considered to be the most popular and convenient technique. It is also the most reliable method of purification and is widely accepted by people all over the world.

If you are living in a area where the water that come from the tap is in the form of hard water. Hard water contains many types of substances which are not good for the health and your body. Then you would go through for the water purifier with the high power.

RO water purification

The water purifiers using theĀ  method for purification of water makes use of a semi-permeable membrane which forces salty water to move through it and hence purify water. In due course of filtration, a lot of harmful chemical elements and compounds are filtered out which are considered to be contaminants of water.

These elements mostly include metals like arsenic, copper, sodium, lead, and compounds like nitrates and also some harmful organic compounds and chemicals. In any water purifier, hard water is converted to sweet and soft water using the semi-permeable membrane, fit in the water purifiers.

There are several merits and demerits of an water purifier. Now we can go throubgh a brief description of the water purifier.


  1. Water purifier treats hard water efficiently.
  2. Toxic metals causing heavy metal poisoning and other toxins are easily filtered out and discarded. All these elements will conatins the lead and aresnic in it with all types of water material.
  3. Water purifiers efficiently remove a substance known as Cryptosporidium, which is usually found in lake water, river water, or water from public supplies.
    Aquaguard is one of the best brands in the market, which is producing water purifiers that are known to work excellently and for a prolonged period of time with regular use
  4. Aquaguard Service centre is always ready to help you the coustmers and also the happy customers. Aquaguard is a company that produces water purifiers thinking of the financial conditions of the majority of the population.
  5. The price of the RO water purifiers is reasonable, and there is no compromise on the quality of products delivered to the customers.

    Aquaguard RO Water Purifier

Not only water purifier, but Aquaguard water purification system also makes the use of UV, UF, and TDS for delivering pure and safe drinking water to each and every customer. The water purifiers have large capacities to serve a family of four efficiently and also the power consumption of the water purifiers is minimal.

Thus, we can say that Aquaguard water purifier makes sustainable use of resources. All the purifiers are made up of high-grade material and manufactured using the latest technology. Also, all the models are made user-friendly. Apart from selling some incredibly wonderful models of water purifiers, Aquaguard provides repair services, maintenance services, installation services, and a lot more.

Models of Aquaguard water purifiers

Some of the best selling models of domestic RO water purifiers of this brand are as follows:-
1. Aquaguard Nexus Black
2. Aquaguard Dolphin ZLX
3. Aquaguard Nexus
4. Aquaguard Novo
5. Aquaguard Dezire
6. Aquaguard Nexus Swift
7. Aquaguard Puma RO
8. Aquaguard Opel RO
9. Aquaguard Nexus Covered
10. Aquaguard Nexus Camry


All the water purifiers are provided with a warranty, and during this period Aquaguard RO customer care assures to provide any service to the customers regarding repair and replacement (if needed). In order to contact Aquaguard RO customer care number, call on their number for any assistance and service. We are going to help to you for the best service in India.

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