Reasons Why You Should Store Your Genuine Fur The Right Way

Fur jackets and coats are a classic, attractive, and meaningful addition to any wardrobe collection. A family heirloom is generally passed down from generation to generation. Fur garments are a beautiful statement item, but they are also quite pricey and must be cared for properly in order to keep their quality.

A lot of individuals like the convenience of having a fur coat in their wardrobe throughout the winter months, but once spring comes around you won’t need it anymore! This means they may be put away until the next winter arrives. A fur coat, on the other hand, isn’t as easy to keep in the closet as other winter gear. In order to protect the quality of a fur coat, there are a few key procedures that must be performed while it is in storage.

Some individuals attempt to wear their fur even when it isn’t as hot or store their fur in their bedroom closet in the hopes that it will be safe until the fall and winter. If you don’t use a professional fur storage service, you run the danger of doing more harm than good to your fur. The great majority of individuals are unable to keep their furs at home due to a lack of suitable circumstances. To help you decide whether or not to use professional fur storage, here are a few reasons why you should do so.

Temperature and humidity
Proper fur storage involves more than just temperature regulation. Natural products, such as fur, cannot endure large variations in humidity without degrading. You don’t want to store your fur or leather in a place that is too wet or dry since it might lead to the growth of mold and decay, respectively. In order to prevent your fur from being either too wet or too dry, a special cold storage facility is required. The fact that your fur is ready to wear when you get it out of storage will be a welcome surprise.

It Will “Live” Longer
Generally speaking, fur is expected to last for a long time. Some fur garments have lasted for decades and are still worn, despite their age. Taking good care of your fur is the only way to keep it healthy. When it comes to caring for real fur, professional fur storage services are a must since they have the resources and expertise necessary to protect your fur during its most vulnerable period of the year.

Keeping Its Quality Intact
Fur is smooth and lustrous because of its natural oil, but if the oil evaporates owing to excessive heat, it will become stiff and lose its sheen. It’s no longer the same as it was when you purchased it. Cold storage keeps the oil in the fur from evaporating and hence preserves its quality.

Experts Actively Maintain the Best Storage Conditions
For genuine fur professional storage, cool is preferable to hot. When it comes to storage, though, fur is notoriously finicky. Keeping fur in an appropriate temperature and humidity range (50 percent or less) is the most common recommendation for genuine fur professional storage. It is difficult to maintain these conditions at home, but a professional storage facility can set them up and keep them there for you.

Keeping your fur in a garment bag or hanging it in a cedar closet isn’t necessarily the best method to keep it safe from vermin, as many people believe. While we applaud the efforts being made to conserve the fur, none of these are right and might lead to the complete destruction of the fur.

Maximilian is happy to assist you with your storage needs if you’re interested in professional storage for your precious furs! If you’d like to learn more about what they do or how they might help your fur survive the summer, visit their website or call 800-TLC-FURS.

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