Questions You Must Ask Your Registered Migration Agent

Once you start researching how to make an Australian visa application, you will understand what a registered migration agent Adelaide is. Whether you want some friendly advice or professional help with your family sponsorship or professional help, hiring an agent will undoubtedly raise the chance of application success. If you are a first-time applicant, you may not be aware of all the details regarding visa applications, which may lead to visa cancellation.

Australian Immigration laws are highly strict and do not grant visas if the applicant has a record of visa cancellation. To avoid all these unnecessary headaches, experts always recommend hiring such a professional. But how can you be sure about their credibility? For that, you have to go through this blog that discusses the top 10 questions you must ask your agent.

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Questions To Ask Your Immigration Agent

Do you have proper registration with OMARA?

We have just talked about OMARA, which is the governing body of Australia responsible for controlling the professional migration agents. All the agents must register themselves here, and therefore, you should first ask whether your immigration agent from Adelaide is currently registered.

Who will attest to all documents?

A registered visa agent from Adelaide is legally allowed to sign the necessary documents. So, to smoothen your process, you should look for an agent who has that legal right to do it for you.

Will I come to know about changes made to the law when the application is under process?

Like other laws, changes are made to the migration laws, too. So, as an applicant, you must stay updated about these updates to keep your application transparent.

Can you provide testimonials regarding complicated cases?

The Visa application process involves so many complexities, and your immigration consultant Adelaide needs to be aware of these things. While hiring, you must check if they have experience in dealing with complicated cases of other clients who have come from a similar background as you. Only an experienced agent can handle these situations.

What to do if my application gets rejected?

Whenever you ask someone this question, everybody will tell you a common thing: you will get your refund. But, having a registered agent by your side can ensure better things. They can negotiate with the specific case officer to clarify the reasons behind the rejection. If you decide to appeal the decision, then also your agent can offer great help.

Can I include my close family members in my visa application?

Another vital question you must ask your migration agent is whether you can add your family members to the visa application. This is allowed in most Australian visa applications. However, it will be better to ask your immigration lawyer or visa consultant before you add them. Usually, close family members like a partner or spouse or dependent or stepchildren can be included in the application. But for visitor visas, you will not be allowed to do it.

Other questions you may ask

Apart from these ten, there are other queries you can make. For example, it will be a common question to ask how much they charge. You can also ask how much time the visa application will take to get processed.

Final Words

There is a slight difference between a consultant and an agent. While an agent will look after all the steps, a consultant will only provide you with verbal guidance. Moreover, hiring an immigration lawyer can be beneficial as these individuals can provide legal assistance if required. You can type ‘migration agent near me’ on the Google search bar and explore the top results. There are many leading immigration firms based in Australia that can help you with contacts of their top immigration agents.