Myths You Got All Wrong About World Oldest Profession

There are people who reckon that everybody will do anything for money. Whereas there are those who reckon “selling” their body is not a profession, so throughout the decades, it has been hard to debunk these notions. One of the world’s oldest professions is said to be, to put it plainly, prostitution. Even so, nobody can really pinpoint whether that is exactly true or not as pimping has existed long before prostitution. Conversely, there is a lot of misinformation all across Australia and myths about sex work, and the time has come to bust them out completely! 

Myth #1: It’s all about choice 

One “profession” even older than prostitution, is pimping. When women got ripped off both financially and from their choice, this became a real burden. There are numerous historic books and evidence that women who have faced discrimination, drug addiction, poverty, family loss, homelessness, and violence resorted to prostitution. All of those aspects could have forced women to start selling their bodies and start earning a fair and honest living. Trading sex for money is one of the oldest deeds, but it’s only logical that women wanted to make a living somehow and not be hungry. Those who traded sexual favors were utterly smart and courageous, as long as they were not forced by their pimps. 

Myth #2: This is not a “real” job 

Wrong! On so many levels! Considering sex work as not real work is surely one of the biggest myths on the entire globe. Nowadays, there are over a hundred eligible women taking off their clothes for decent money and earning a fair salary. They are fulfilling their duties for wages or salary, they have rights and contract obligations, but this form of labor is utterly valuable and honest. If you were to visit popular Melbourne brothels, you would see ladies working hard and fairly trying to please their customers. With their well-deserved salary, they are able to pay the taxes, send children to school, and cover all living costs without thinking it to be a shameful activity. 

Myth #3: Trafficking is directly linked with the prostitution markets 

No, it isn’t. Let’s face it, trafficking is undoubtedly horrible, but not all sex work is trafficking. Actually, it has been proven that not all sex workers have been trafficked. Unfortunately, trafficking to this day is totally profit-driven, however, not all sexual exploitation is linked to trafficking. Women tend to be trafficked for cheap labor every often. If we were to look into the entire sex industry, we could conclude that there is still a country that exploits women, but not all. Prostitution remains illegal in some places in the world, but it’s a wrong assumption to consider all sex work trafficked. 

Myth #4: This is a shameful and harmful way of living 

To cut the long story short, sex work is not inherently harmful as everybody is doing it, and everybody loves it. It only falls to the notion of HOW is it perceived. Many reckon it’s degrading, but starving to death is degrading as well. Dignity and freedom are something nobody can reap you of, so if somebody is commodifying sex as a way of living, it’s because they have their inner combats. And then again, there are people who do jobs they’re not passionate about merely to survive, so it’s no wonder that sex “sells” as it’s one of the most eligible and demanding jobs in the world. Some people think sex is shameful but it’s one of the basic human needs, and selling it just makes those women more empowering. 

Myth #5: Legalization of this profession is a must 

This is a myth that varies from country to country. Legalizing sex work is not applicable in all nations, however, legalization will help destigmatize this notorious profession which could have both negative and positive outcomes. Society is not ready for sex work legislation, but it also boosts the rise of underground brothels and illegal sex work. The key would be to decriminalize all the negative aspects related to this profession but that is a hard thing to do still. Hence, the legalization should enforce recognition and protection with adequate laws within the country of origin. 

This infamous but utterly popular and alluring job is one of the oldest professions known to mankind, and it’s yet to reach its limelight. It takes unity and society to depict discrimination to reach it.