Must-Know Facts About Adult Circumcision Surgery

Adult circumcision surgery is the medical procedure in which excess foreskin is removed from the penis. You don’t need a medical reason to get circumcised. It could be simply due to social reasons or personal preference. Besides, there are so many reasons to get one. The health benefits that come with it greatly outweigh the minimal risk of the surgery. These include reduced risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer in female partners, balanitis (inflammation of the glans), phimosis (inability to retract foreskin) and paraphimosis (inability to return foreskin to its original position) among others. You can avoid all these problems by getting a surgery that does not take longer than 20 minutes. But before that, we will discuss a few must-know facts about circumcision.

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Important Facts About Adult Circumcision Surgery:

Much like any other medical procedure, circumcision surgery for adults requires delicate care after and proper preparation before it. Go to a clinic that has the right expertise along with years of experience to guide you through the process easily. With that said, here are a few facts about circumcision surgery:

Facts About Circumcision Surgery:

  • Circumcision surgery does not require a referral. This means you are not looking for a doctor’s approval if you want to get it, you can simply call in and have your appointment set. If you get it from a reliable clinic like Circumcision Center, the doctors guide you through the process before starting and you are free to back out whenever you want.
  • The surgery does not require you to get admitted to the hospital. You can leave for home after the surgery and avoid hospital costs. It is advised that you arrange for a driver to take you home beforehand as you are in no condition to do that yourself after the surgery.
  • Pain during and after the procedure is minimal to non-existent. Usually the numbing cream does most of the job for you however it is coupled with an anaesthetic to help you sleep. Many patients are sedated so they can relax during the process.
  • You may feel anxious about the procedure but you don’t have to worry about anything as your doctor puts your mind at ease.

How to tell if you need circumcision surgery?

The most common medical condition among uncircumcised men is phimosis where you are unable to retract the foreskin. It is present in 1 in every 10 teenage boys and men. It causes trouble urinating and is often discovered during an erection. Phimosis also greatly increases the risk of penile cancer and getting circumcision surgery can help reduce it. Another way to tell if you need the surgery is through a condition called paraphimosis. Following phimosis, this is the exact opposite of that condition. It is when the foreskin does not return to its original position. It can restrict blood flow and may require immediate surgery. Of course, a better way to avoid it is to get circumcised.

Frenulum often tears up in uncircumcised men which is painful. This along with infection and inflammation are common in uncircumcised men and can all be avoided with circumcision surgery. Penile cancer is 20 times more likely to happen in uncircumcised men and amputation or disfiguring surgery for it can cause permanent penile dysfunction. All of this can be avoided with a simple circumcision surgery.

Now that we have established the benefits of getting adult circumcision surgery along with all the crucial facts you need to know before going for it, we believe you are adequately prepared to get one for yourself. Don’t feel ashamed of getting the surgery as it can be a necessity for you and you can only benefit from it.

For further information, please visit the FAQs section below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you prepare for adult circumcision?

Do not take alcohol at least 48 hours before the surgery as it is known to mess with anaesthesia thereby not allowing you to sleep properly during the surgery. It can also dehydrate you. In the morning after the surgery, make sure you take a good warm bath and pay close attention to your genitals. Wash softly and cover it with petroleum jelly and gauze.

Is erection dangerous after circumcision surgery?

Until the wound heals, any erection can cause the stitching to come loose and open the wound before it has fully healed. To avoid this, sleep on your side with your legs pulled up to mimic a fetal position. It helps avoid unnecessary erections. Also, refrain from sexual activity during the recovery process.

Do adults get put under for circumcision?

Most adults are usually put under for circumcision surgery. This can be done using local or general anaesthesia after your doctor has fully assessed your condition.