Let’s Make Your Car A Little Greener Here And Now!

The environment suffers because we emit too much CO2 and the cars are partly to blame. Car manufacturers are working at high pressure to develop new and more CO2-neutral fuel engines as well as more efficient electric and hybrid cars. But it will be a number of years before we all drive around in environmentally friendly cars. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do yourself to drive a little more environmentally friendly in your car – already today.

Below are 5 things you can do here and now.

1. Your tires are important for your safety and the environment

If you hit a curb, the direction of the wheels in relation to the car may change and you may find that the car pulls to one side. It gives an increased wear on your tires – and at the same time the car uses extra fuel to get the car forward due to the increased resistance. To avoid this, you can have a track made in your workshop, which ensures that the direction of the wheels is optimal. This saves fuel, money and emits less CO2.

2. Make sure you drive with the right

Tire pressure driving with the wrong tire pressure results in longer braking distances, greater tire wear and greater fuel consumption. If the tire pressure is just 0.5 bar * too low on a single tire, fuel consumption increases by 2-3%. Therefore, check your tire pressure regularly – for both the environment and your safety.

  • Bar is the unit of measure for tire pressure. The tire pressure can typically be read in the car’s door frame on the driver’s side.

3. Keep the engine clean

When the engine is running, it leaves coatings on various engine parts. By adding a “Rengøring af bil agent” (an additive) to the fuel, the waste materials are softened so that they burn off while driving. The cleaning can be compared to a descaling of the coffee machine. Additives give the car a cleaner engine run and help reduce CO2 emissions.

4. Clean the

Engine the engine in your petrol or diesel car works hard every time you use it. Depending on your driving pattern and the number of kilometers you drive, soot will typically form in the engine, which increases both CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. You can therefore advantageously give your car an engine cleaner, which in addition to improving fuel consumption also protects the environment. In addition, you extend the life of the engine and get more traction. The engine cleaner is offered for all car types, makes and models – whether it is petrol or diesel. Contact the workshop for a good offer for engine cleaning of your particular car.

5. Your own driving pattern can make a difference

You can save both money and fuel – and therefore also the environment from unnecessary loads – if you avoid driving at too high engine speeds. For example, if you will brake slowly to stop, you can release the accelerator while the car is in gear instead of stepping on the brake. This shuts off most of the cars for the fuel supply – and you thus drive more sustainably. Also keep an eye on the other road users, keep your distance and avoid too many abrupt brakes – and drive at a steady pace Also for your safety.

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