Instagram Profilbild herunterladen

Instagram is famous for its beautiful pictures and much more attractive are the people who have attractive profile pictures to lure you to their platform. There were moments when you felt the need to access an Instagram profile picture because it was just too pretty to leave on the go.

Sometimes you even want to access your own Instagram profile picture from time to time to backup or share. In such situations, there are a few simple techniques you can use to your advantage.

This is how you can save Instagram profile pictures without wasting a moment or using any software.

Download Instagram profile picture to your computer

You can easily download full quality Instagram profile pictures to your computer without using any app just by using  Insta Zoom  . How to do it:

Step 1. Log into any Instagram account, whether it’s your own or a friend’s. Copy the picture URL by right-clicking on the profile picture and selecting Copy picture address.

Step 2: Copy and paste the URL into a new browser tab. Remove the 150×150/ prefix from the URL and press Enter. The profile picture is displayed in its original resolution.

You can then save the image by selecting it with the right-click menu and selecting Save Image As. As simple as that!

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How to Download Instagram Profile Picture on Android

In addition to the previously mentioned method, you can also install Insta Profile Pictures with three simple Android apps that are easy to use.

Enlarge your Insta profile picture and save it. This tool allows you to completely download a person’s Insta profile picture without opening the Insta app on your device. The app, available for free, allows you to view and save images of Insta profile pictures. All you have to do is enter the account name and click the Get Profile Picture button to get the picture.

It then searches the Insta Community for the photo of your choice and delivers it to you. After that, you can save your work by clicking on the save icon located in the top right corner of the app next to the share button.

To view cached profile pictures, select the Gallery button at the top of the Home screen, and then select View Profile Pictures. The app is only about 3 megabytes in size. From the Google Play Store you can install the Insta account Pic Zoom.

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2. Big insta profile picture

When familiar faces appear in small sizes, such as those found in Instagram profile pictures, it’s easy to miss their presence altogether. So it is highly recommended to have a photo enlarger app like this one.

Nothing more is required than opening the Instagram application, copying the image URL and pasting it into the Insta Big Profile Photo interface. Then click the Load button to view the full account picture. The app is freely available and has a file size of around 10 MB. You can download the Insta Big Profile Photo from the Google Play Store.

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3. Download an Instagram profile picture for your account

Rated 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store, this Android app is probably the neatest way to save your Insta profile picture. As with Insta Profile Pic, this application does not require you to have the Instagram application installed on your device, which is similar to the previous app.

Alles, was Sie tun müssen, ist, den Benutzernamen oben im Fenster einzugeben und auf die Schaltfläche Suchen zu klicken, um ihn zu finden. Wenn das bevorzugte Profilbild angezeigt wird, wählen Sie es aus, indem Sie unten auf dem Bildschirm auf die Schaltfläche „Dieses Bild herunterladen“ tippen. In diesem Fall wird das Bild in der Galerie Ihres Telefons gespeichert.

Die App ist völlig kostenlos und nimmt nur 3 MB Speicherplatz in Anspruch. Dies zeigt, wie Sie ein Insta-Profilbild auf Ihrem Computer oder Android-Gerät speichern. Wenn Sie also das andere Mal das urkomische Insta Profilbild eines Freundes oder eine Kopie Ihres eigenen Kontobildes zur sicheren Aufbewahrung speichern möchten, versuchen Sie eine der oben aufgeführten Methoden. Wie auch immer, Sie könnten immer verwenden, das viel einfacher zu bedienen ist.

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