Instagram ads: how to attract customers and increase the sale of your products

Many brands have been successful in dedicating themselves to advertising offered by Instagram.
In the ecosystem of advertising.

Its ease of use and its scientific targeting are appealing brand A combination of any size. Incorporating Instagram ads into your marketing strategy means investing in a platform populated by a billion users. Active daily.
The main power of social media is its audience. Companies that invest in Instagram Ads do so to intercept new potential customers. And to strengthen the brand.
Creating advertising campaigns on the platform is very simple. All you need are creativity, copy, and budget. They are based on market research, biological data on existing customers, and some assumptions based on…
The Topic of This Post
1 Exponential growth of the audience
2. Is Instagram Ads the ideal solution for your business?
3 Types of Instagram Ads
4 Anatomy of Instagram Ads: the premises
5 Step 1: Log in to your Business Manager
6 Step 2: Select the goal of your advertising campaign
7 Step 3: Target the audience
8 Step 4: Positioning of ads
9 Step 5: Budget Selection
10 Step 6: Monitor the performance of Instagram ads
11 Final Thoughts
The exponential growth of the audience
If you are wondering why&where to invest in Instagram Ads, the answer is simple.
Instagram is one of the most loved social networks by young people. They are the principal and active users—the very young and the millennials.
In June 2018, Instagram reached one billion monthly active users, up from 800 million in September 2017.
This information is an excellent opportunity for companies, especially those under their 30s, as buyer personas.

The heterogeneity of the audience makes Instagram Ads attractive for brands. In fact, in 2016, there were more than 1 million advertisers ready to reach new customers!
Exponential audience growth translates into the accuracy of finding the exact audience for each company’s needs. Therefore safer sales prospect. Prospect is a prospect for whom we have contact information and qualified as meeting particular criteria. In most more inclined to purchase.
If you want to create a successful campaign with Instagram ads, make sure you know your buyer personas and their desires inside out.
For campaigns to be effective, you may want to include creating a social presence in your marketing strategy.
Is Instagram Ads the ideal solution for your business?
Instagram’s audience is heterogeneous. At this point, you may be wondering what additional demographics distinguish the users of the social network.
According to an analysis by Wordstream, the most active users on social media are millennials and generation Z. We are talking about 55% of users! As for the adult audience, only 28% of users are under 50.
Speaking of genres, the female audience is predominant on social media. Then the Statesman researches state that 52% of users are women, while men are 48%.
Instagram is the ideal solution for all those businesses operating in the catering, tourism, art, and clothing sectors.
If your company operates in the most popular sectors on Instagram, consider creating a presence on the social network. Create an ad hoc editorial plan to intercept target users with your offer.
Begin to outline an educational process to accustom prospects to marry your company philosophy and your products.

Types of Instagram Ads
More than 130 million users communicate with buying posts monthly.
Instagram for Business
The social network offers six solutions for advertising.
Each Instagram ad has as its protagonist the creativity – the visual content – and the Acronym for Call to action (translation: call to action). A verb is usually used in CTAs…
The mix of creativity, copy, and ad engineering induce the user to click on the CTA and immerse themselves in your business proposal.
The best-known solution is the photo ad. The best strategy to prevent the user from scrolling down is to focus on seductive and direct creativity.
The visual is and remains the undisputed protagonist to attract the user’s attention. Creativity can be a simple photo but also a video.
These are the advertising offers offered by Instagram:
Ads in stories these ads have the power to reach a large number of users. Instagram claims that 500 million people use them daily. This is a section where attention is exceptionally excellent.

Ads in the feed – with photos
Photos have the power to explain a concept immediately. To comply with Facebook compliance, make sure you don’t put too much text in the image. The ideal would be not to exceed 20% of the entire surface (even if there is no longer the full rule of 20% of the text on the image).

Ads in the feed – with video
With videos, you have more time to create corporate storytelling and trigger emotions in the user. At the same time, videos can be a double-edged sword. Remember that you have a few seconds to grab the user’s attention, keep it alive, and avoid boring them.

Carousel Ads
This typology shows various products using a single advertisement. This option is handy in the B2C market, where buying often takes place on impulse. A good ally also in retargeting.

Ads collection
Create a collage with 3-4 photos, and they appear in the feed as a single block. The images must answer the question “what do you do?” and “what’s the benefit to me?”.
Ads on explore
The explore section is used by half of the users on the social network. Those who visit it do so because they seek inspiration and new content. Ads appear once the user clicks on a single photo and begins scrolling through the explore feed.

Instagram’s priority is videos and photos. Users visit the social network daily to look for inspiration, entertainment, and new products to discover.
Together with your team, work to make the visual as natural as possible.
The goal is to have your soak funnel. If you want to help the prospect take this step towards you, make sure not all creatives scream “Buy me!”
Try to play on a direct, sales-oriented visual when it comes to retarget ads. Instead, in the awareness phase, it creates fewer artificial campaigns. Focus on benefit-centric product storytelling.
Anatomy of Instagram Ads: the premises
Instagram opened the doors of advertising in 2015. In six years, its advertising offer has become even more straightforward and affordable for anyone.
Investing in Instagram ads means
Reach many target users – remember that the audience of the social network has exceeded one billion.
Increase your chances of showing ads: Many of these users spend an average of 30 minutes on the app every day.
Target audience with surgical precision: Instagram shares the Facebook advertising platform, which is optimized to promote high performance for advertisers.
Getting tangible results: It is estimated that 75% of Instagram users will act on at least one ad at some point. [ Hootsuite ]
Create Instagram Ads
The Instagram Ads creation process takes place on the Facebook Business Manager.
Through the panel for advertisers, you can choose the objectives, select your audience, decide the positioning of the ads, insert the copy and select the creatives of each advertisement. Once set up, you can determine the budget to support this advertising campaign.
Step 1: Log in to your Business Manager
To successfully create an ad, make sure you link your Instagram profile to the Business Manager.
Once you on the site, click on the green button “Create.”
Step 2: Select the goal of your advertising campaign.
Advertising campaigns are divided into three macro areas: notoriety, consideration, and conversion.
Aims for notoriety
Brand awareness: “Goals that generate interest in your product or service. Increasing brand awareness means telling people what gives value to your company. ”
Coverage: Goals that make people think about your company and seek more information about it.
Goals for consideration
Traffic: channels traffic to the social network and lands it on a reference site.
Interaction: create ad hoc content to increase Engagement. From the English, “involvement” is a term that indicates the level of involvement of users for a company or brand, often used in the field of Social Media Marketing. There are in customers. Such a goal is specific to create interactions such as “likes” and comments.
App installation: the CTA invites the user to consult the reference store (AppStore and Play Store) to download the app.
Viewing the video: People will be interested in viewing the video and finding out what you will talk about.
Lead Generation: A classic example of an ad to do lead generation digital marketing we use an In this campaign, you can suggest customers request a quote or collect lead.
Messages: Invite people to get in direct contact with you through private messages.
Goals for conversions
Conversions: Through the CTA, people will know what next step to take. A classic example of a CTA for generating conversions is BUY NOW.
Sale of catalog products: Facebook has implemented the functionality of the catalog. You could choose this goal to sponsor a single development of your e-commerce or create a carousel full of products.
In-store traffic: Encourage people to visit the physical store.
Step 3: Target the audience.
For Instagram Ads to perform at their best, you need to set the proper audience targeting.
In this case, you need to enter the personal information of your target so that the social algorithm can match your offer with the right audience. These are seven parameters to be managed with extreme ease.
Gender: Show the ad to women, men, or both;
Age: select the age range to display the ad;
Places: Show the ad to people who reside in a specific country. To make the ad perform at its best, you can choose an additional geo-localized targeting by entering the selected city or directly a postcode;
Language: Regardless of physical residence, the ad will be shown to those who speak a confident language.
Detailed targeting: “Include or exclude people from an audience based on criteria such as demographics, interests, and behaviors. [ Facebook ]” Demographic information can be related to education level, purchasing power, parenting, relationships ;
Custom Audience: Custom Audience is a target audience made up of people you already know, created from information provided by you or generated by Facebook products.
You can create custom audiences from a list, the Facebook pixel, the Facebook SDK, and a Facebook interaction. [ Facebook ]
Connections: you can include or exclude those who have already downloaded your app and liked your page.
Once this information is set, the Instagram algorithm will automatically calculate the number of people in the target.
Step 4: Placement of ads
Through the Business Manager, you can choose whether to show the campaigns on Zuckerberg’s social networks. In case you decide to ignore Facebook, Instagram allows you to place Instagram Ads in different places.

As you can see in the image, the only goals you can place in each section of Instagram are only the goals of the notoriety area – brand awareness and reach – and video display – which is part of the consideration area. All others are available at every location, except IGTV.
The only exception is the “traffic to store” goal, which is only available in the feed and stories.
50% of Instagram users are more interested in a brand after seeing an ad for it on Instagram.
Let’s analyze the potential offered by placements:
Feed [News section]: the most controlled section within the app. With an excellent job of strategy and creativity, you could give the ad a less advertising aspect to arouse curiosity in the user.
Stories: Center-text ad stories outperform textless ads 75% of the time. [ Instagram ]
Explore section: used daily by more than 200 million users. It is based on each user’s interests and allows visitors to discover new and exclusive content. It is also visited to learn about brands and new products to buy. Ads are not displayed on the grid, but once you open the feed, explore
IGTV: IGTV videos are four times bigger than the photos on the Explore page, plus subtitles are available in 16 languages. [ Instagram ]
Step 5: Budget Selection
Advertising on Instagram is more expensive than on Facebook. As Adespresso also points out in one of its articles, this price difference is one reason why entrepreneurs want to expand their reach falter.
Despite the price. Price is the amount of money required for a product or service. In a broad sense, the price is the sum of all …is often seen as a break in one’s marketing strategy, making Instagram ads means receiving more benefits :
Advanced targeting;
Higher engagement rates;
The predisposition of users to purchase;
The intention in users to discover new brands.
The most expensive CPC was in the 25-34 age group, with an average CPC for 2017 of around $ 1.07, followed by the 55-64 age group, with an average CPC of $ 1.03.
Costs vary based on:
Campaign objectives.
Step 6: Monitor the performance of Instagram ads
Facebook provides a clear overview with which to monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns.
To get the idea of ​​the appearance of your ads, follow a simple 4-step procedure, and in less than a minute, you will discover the progress of your Insurance advertisements.
Enter the advertisement management panel ;
Select the campaign and advertisement to monitor;
Select displays the graphs ;
Click on positioning: in this section, you can also watch the costs of the campaign.
Final remarks
Instagram Ads are a tremendous investment in terms of advertising. Thanks to its more lively and active audience than ever, brands can reach new customers day after day.
The versatility of the six advertising solutions makes Instagram Ads an excellent opportunity to intercept the latest questions of the public. Especially the B2C, more prone to impulse purchases.
Many researchers have argued that brands that invest in advertising on the platform obtain exciting benefits in notoriety and conversions.

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