Inflatable Movie Screens for Live Broadcasts

Inflatable movie screens are a popular way to show movies outdoors at festivals, school events, parks, churches, or almost anywhere. The portability and ease of use of inflatable movie screens combined with the many sizes available make inflatable movie screens versatile. Other than being the perfect screen for watching movies; Big bang screens can be used to show live concerts and live video broadcasts such as the presidential election or UFC Night Fights, or to add a special touch to an event such as a graduation ceremony.

Convenience, portability and versatility

An inflatable movie screen provides the unforgettable experience of watching an event seamlessly on the big screen. These monitors can be installed almost anywhere; in the parking lot of a bar broadcasting a big football game, on a university campus, in a big park or even in the middle of a busy city.

Installation and download time is minimal. If you have an event in a busy area that need to be installed and removed on the day of the event; a team of trained technicians can install and remove the monitor within hours.

There are many outdoor screen sizes available for audiences as small as 100 or as large as 10,000. Regardless of the size of the audience or the location of the event; there is a projection movie screen to suit every budget, allowing audiences of all sizes to see the screen and make the event memorable.


Quality is important when it comes to broadcasting a live event. High-quality equipment makes the event look and sounds great dragonrider soul. These antenna screens deliver bright, colourful, high-resolution images. Clear image and sound are essential to keep these events fun and successful and to attract a large audience in the future.

Big screen projection to celebrate the New Year

Each year, a giant outdoor projection screen from Southern Outdoor Cinema shows the New Year’s countdown to the crowds gathering at City Market in Savannah, GA. Thousands of people gather to celebrate the New Year with live music and entertainment. The larger-than-life display of the famous Times Square celebration and the fall of the ball adds even more excitement to this gathering. Residents of smaller towns like Savannah, GA can get the best of both worlds when they party together in their own town and still feel like they’re part of the action in Times Square.