Important Factors To Consider Before Applying For A Temporary Graduate Visa 485

Known as the TR visa by all international students, the temporary graduate visa subclass 485 is a temporary working visa designed for all overseas students. The Graduate Visa 485 will be granted to only those international candidates who have completed their education in Australia and have taken 2 academic years of studies. 

The Visa Subclass 485 might appear a straightforward concept but carries pretty technical regulations. You have to lodge the 485-visa application between the expiry of the student visa and the completion of your course. This means you will not get much time, so you have to ensure that you don’t make any errors or issues while filling out the visa application form.

Applying For Visa Subclass 485: Things To Consider!

You have decided to apply for the temporary graduate visa 485, but there are several things you have to put under your consideration right before you do so. To know what they are, please check the information below. 

  1. The English Language Requirement

    International students who belong to a non-English speaking country have to take the English Language Exam. It will allow them to become eligible for the 485 Temporary Graduate Visa. There are various English language proficiency tests available, such as Cambridge [CAE], IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic, OET. You are free to take these tests and provide evidence of your overall score on reading, listening, speaking, and writing. 

  2. The OVHC Or Overseas Visitor Health Cover

    After deciding to apply for the visa subclass 485, you must provide documents on Overseas Visitor Health Cover or OVHC. The OVHC has listed within the 485 Visa an eligibility criterion, which goes by the name 8501 conditions.
    The condition states that the international visa applicant must have health cover while they live in Australia. So, you have to obtain an OVHC to get your 485 Visa approved by the Australian Government.
    On the other hand, the OVHC will cover several things, such as physiotherapy and dental services, ambulance transport, pharmacy cost, a piece of doctor’s fees, and hospital admission.

  3. Opting For The Correct Stream

    The Temporary Graduate Visa comes with two streams under its belt: Post Study Work Stream and Graduate Work Stream. So, you have to take a look at which stream you fall under. The Graduate Work Stream is designed for all international students who have graduated with the qualification or skills relevant to the occupation listed below the Skilled Occupation List.
    The Post Study Work Stream, on the other hand, is ideal for all those overseas students who have graduated with a doctoral, bachelor’s, and master’s degree from an Australian institution. Between these two streams, you need to choose the ideal one for you and then proceed with the visa application.

  4. Dependent Family Members

    As a temporary graduate visa applicant, you can take your significant other, child, or any family member with you through Visa subclass 485 to Australia. So, you have to include them within your 485 visa application form, and each of the family members has to meet all the character and health requirements. Apart from that, each of your family members should have an appropriate level of health cover.

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Other Important Things That You Need To Consider For Visa Subclass 485

Here are several other things that you must consider if you want to become eligible for the temporary graduate visa 485. Check it out!

  • You have to be below the age of 50.
  • Must complete 16 calendar months of studies within the country. 
  • You have to lodge the visa application within 6 months of your course completion. 
  • You must get your skill assessment done by a relevant authority.
  • You need to apply for the Australian Federal Police Check right before you apply for the visa,

If you are interested in learning more about the things you must consider about the 485 Visa, you must consult the matter with the Migration Agent Adelaide as they know within this area. They can provide you with tips, advice, and guide throughout the entire visa application process. 

Parting Thoughts

The temporary graduate visa 485 is designed for all the overseas students who wish to live, work and study within the beautiful nation of Australia. Through this article, you will gain a lot of information about the visa, the things you need to consider, and the documents you have to provide.