Hybrid Event and relevance of Live Streaming

Let’s begin with what’s a Hybrid event? A hybrid event is a merger between a live onsite event and an online one. Hybrid events are highly trending these days given the current global scenario. When covid-19 restricted everyone’s movement, the virtual events and hybrid events which were not very popular became the superstars of the event industry. Thus, hybrid events or one can say, events that combine both in-person and virtual experiences, have become an integral part of the new normal in today’s world.

Now, how does one decide which type of event would be best suited? One of the options is to send out a pre-event survey to garner the current situations and response of the attendees. If the percentage inclination is higher towards virtual attendance, then a hybrid event may be the best way out. These events brace you with the advantages of both in-person events and their virtual counterparts.

Hybrid Events lead the Edge over other Events.

The hybrid events lead the edge over all the other events due to the following reasons:

Increment in no. of attendees

Although the on-site events have been the most engaging ones, some people couldn’t be a part of it due to many factors like time, long distances, travelling hassles, economic viability, mismatched schedules and many more. These factors create a major hindrance for the attendees from deciding whether to register for your event or not. With a hybrid event, those individuals may be more inclined towards attending the event. Pivoting to hybrid attracts more registrants than a solely in-person event. Thus, leading to an increase in the number of participants and expanding the reach of the event globally.

Enhanced Sponsorships

With the hybrid events, even the sponsors get to expand their reach to a global clientele. They avail the opportunity to advertise both in front of in-person and virtual attendees which is double what a normal event offers. Hosting a part of the event in a digital environment creates new opportunities for brand awareness and lead generation. This can aid in offsetting the technical costs of running a hybrid event.

Lowering the carbon footprint

As the number of participants is divided into onsite and online ones, it will have a major impact on the reduction of carbon footprint. There would be fewer meals thrown away, lesser travel by attendees, lesser expenses on stationery, other resources etc. One can not only position themselves as an event powerhouse but also as an environmentally conscious organization.

Budget Friendly

The hybrid events are any given day more economically feasible than live events as the no. of participants is divided into online and offline. So, a smaller venue with fewer resources can work, one can save big on commuting, accommodation, food, paperwork and many more things, and the management of the resources becomes more viable.

Basic Elements for a successful Hybrid Event

The basic requisitions for holding a successful Hybrid event include the following:

Choice of the web platform

This is the first and foremost important factor to decide upon after the finalization of the venue and other physical stuff. There are many options available in the market like Cvent, Glueup, vFairs, Socio, InEvent, Hubilo, Hopin, DREAMCAST, Communique Conferencing, Bizzabo etc. DREAMCAST team crafts and delivers extraordinary Hybrid Events with the most easily-customizable features and tools, created to ensure the satisfaction of both your on-site & virtual attendees. They provide you with top-notch customisation, seamless user experience, dynamic device support, innovative networking tools, enriching engagement, insightful data and analytics, brilliant branding, fun gamification, 24/7 backend support, and enticing engagement tools, 100% cyber security and many more benefits. Dreamcast has proven to be the best in their field time and again; they have the best comprehensive hybrid event solutions as per your requisitions as well as your expectations.

Engaging Content

This is also one of the major factors that contribute to the success of the hybrid event. It is quite important to keep in mind the interest of both onsite and offsite audiences to enhance their attention span and interest in the hybrid event. It should not be like in-person attendees are engrossed with the hosts while online ones are just mute participants, it should be fun and interactive for both sets. Creating some online polling, questionnaire, surveys or games can pique their interest and keep them captivated throughout. Dreamcast team can also be a great aid in helping you with the same.

Live Streaming of the event

Live Streaming a hybrid event, scales up the value of your events and expands its global outreach, thus providing one with huge exposure in a limited budget. Many of the platforms that help you with live streaming options are Vimeo, Brightcove, Panopto, Kaltura, DREAMCAST, Qumu, DaCast etc. while for social streaming the popular ones are Facebook Live, LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Instagram Live. DREAMCAST has brought the revolution in the Live Streaming process by bringing in highly customizable designs and features, immersive 3600 Live Streaming, brilliant interactive opportunities, multi-lingual Live Streaming, parallel Multi-Platform Streaming and many other options.

Other specialities of Dreamcast Live Streaming services include Real-Time Archiving i.e. it lets the late –joiners view the previous clips and content, Multi-Bitrate IP encoding i.e. combating traffic fluctuations over bandwidth & easily adapting to the streaming conditions, a strong Content Delivery Network, which helps with internet connectivity solutions by avoiding any lagging or hindrance during the webcast with high internet connectivity and they also equip you with dynamic device support for the uninterrupted execution of the event.

The team at Dreamcast is your one-stop solution for all that you need, helps boost interactivity in your live stream, helps you customize your live stream, and provides you with complete live streaming support.

Concluding Remarks:

Hybrid Events are the hero of the hour in the event industry. You can expand the reach of your hybrid event multi-fold with Live Streaming services. The world-class services of Dreamcast with technical advancements can maximize your exposure by incorporating the latest live streaming features and tools. Although Dreamcast is an ideal all-in-one hybrid event platform which is highly customizable, scalable, robust and globally trusted, it also helps you with best in class Live Streaming options, then be it on a social networking platform or their own.

Live Streaming plays a pivotal role in deciding the success of your event.