The Main Features of Humidifier Dehumidifier Combos That You Need to Know

Humidifier and dehumidifier combo: What is the combo machine? The ultimate function of both appliances is to keep an optimal level of moisture in the air. Hence both of them are required in almost all over the world in your house. Without humidifier or dehumidifier combination, the moisture level in the atmosphere can go down too much causing several health problems like throat itch, running nose, cough, sneezing and watery eyes.


Humidifier is extremely efficient in collecting the moisture from the air and humidifying it to a very low moisture. This process leaves your room extremely dry, which is uncomfortable to stay in. On the other hand, a humidifier with a fan is capable of very high humidification to even 10 degrees above the normal moisture in the air.

Types of humidifier

A humidifier is a device used to increase the amount of moisture in a specific room or area by producing an air-flow of moisture. The most common application of a humidifier is for humidifying the bedroom. However, there are other types of humidifier on the market and they include the following: shower heads, desk, and air hockey tables. Each of these types of humidifier will have its own set of benefits and features.

Generally, there are two types of humidifier available in the market; ultrasonic and buoyant. Ultrasonic models employ a vibrating fan that gently agitates water droplets that are then blown into the entire house by a powerful fan. This is one type of unit that you may find in small, home offices as well as large commercial buildings.

Another type of humidifier is the buoyant which uses the same principles of a fan but has a built in blower to produce a constant stream of mist into the air. These units are very popular with people that suffer from pollen allergy. You can clean these types of humidifiers by simply removing the filter inside the unit. Once you have removed this, you can clean the inside by running water through it or by cleaning the blades using a wet cloth. This will ensure that the filter is free from dust and debris that can clog the blades and cause the humidifier to function improperly. After cleaning the humidifiers, it is important to dry them properly to prevent them from malfunctioning.


Another option you have is the evaporative humidifier. A humidistat is placed on the wall or any flat surface and the water vapor is drawn into the humidistat to be recirculated back into the room. Most types of humidifier works on the same principle but they differ in how the water is evicted through the humidistat. Some of them require you to have a tank while others use the concept of gravity to draw the water into the air.


The other option you have is the most common, which is the baseboard humidifiers. It has a plastic or metal base and an evaporator in the form of a cone or sphere. These types of humidifiers can be used in bathrooms and kitchens because of their ability to regulate humidity. However, this is not its only function. Baseboard humidifiers are also used in areas where you find water droplets like those found on shower curtains or bathroom tiles.


There are three basic types of humidifier which include ultrasonic, buoyant and evaporative. With each type of humidifier, you will find a different way to increase the relative humidity. If you are looking for the quickest method to increase your relative humidity, you should choose the evaporative humidifier. An evaporative humidifier uses the evaporation process to remove water vapour from the air. As for the other two types of humidifiers, the buoyant and the ultrasonic are the two types that rely on the force of the air flowing against its weight to generate the moisture that needs to be evaporated.

This humidifier dehumidifier combo unit is an excellent choice if you are planning to purchase either of the said devices. Buying either of the two units is an excellent idea as long as you consider some factors before buying one. This way, you will get the best humidifier unit that is highly efficient and easy to use in any setting. You should remember that the best humidifier units can be used in multiple settings such as a bedroom, bathroom, living room, office, etc. In essence, you should get a humidifier that will meet your needs and your family’s desires.


There are humidifier dehumidifiers that have two tanks and there are those that have single tanks. It all depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to get a humidifier with two tanks, you should go for the one that has more capacity in terms of gallons or litres. Some of the humidifier dehumidifiers have four tanks while others only have two. There are also those models that have adjustable settings wherein you can control the humidity level at different levels for you to get the humidity level that you want.


For people with dry skin, you should go for the humidifier dehumidifier combo that has a light sensor that operates on the battery charge. This is ideal for you if you have sensitive skin because the light sensor is an alternative to the heat regulating feature. The light sensor will detect a drop in indoor moisture levels, activating the humidifier to release humidified air into the room.


The humidifier dehumidifier combo is also ideal for persons that have issues with mould and mildew allergies. Mould and mildew produce a lot of moisture that can trigger asthma attacks. To prevent asthma attacks from occurring, you have to avoid mold and mildew spores from being inhaled. When there is an excessive amount of moisture in the air, it is more likely for dust to be stirred around and cause airborne particles to be breathed in. By using humidifier dehumidifier combo, you are able to decrease the number of airborne dust particles.


Aside from its functionality, humidifier dehumidifiers that come with humidifier units with multiple features are also preferred by most consumers today. These humidifiers come with auto shut off features that make them safe for users to use even when the power is turned off. There are humidifiers that come with auto shut off features but there are also those that have manual shut off controls so you can still check on your humidifier units even when the power is off. On top of that, most humidifier dehumidifier combos feature programmable features so you can set the humidifier units to turn themselves on at a certain time based on the level of moisture in the air. These programmable humidifier units save you time because you don’t have to manually switch on the humidifiers.


Dehumidifiers that are built into the humidifier with the help of technology work best in situations where you have a high moisture level in the air but the humidity level is low. These humidifiers with auto shut off capabilities and programmable features are perfect for situations like these because they are less likely to damage delicate surfaces or fabrications. When choosing humidifier dehumidifier combo, the most important thing to consider is the moisture level in the air so you will be able to choose the right unit that will work best for you.

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