How to use a laser level? [Beginner’s Guide]

Using a laser level might be easier than you think. It is mostly used by professional builders and engineers. Being the most advanced lining tool, it is a bit difficult to use. There are different types of laser levels and each of them has different instructions to follow while using it. A few methods of using the laser level are listed below.

How to use a laser level?

For hanging pictures:

A cross-leveling laser level projects two lines (vertical & horizontal) simultaneously making a cross shape on the wall. This type of laser level is used in squaring, hanging pictures, mirrors, frames, and wallpapers. To use the cross-leveling laser level, follow this method given below.

  1. First of all, secure the laser level on the ground, tripod, or any other medium. Make sure that the device is no moving.
  2. Turn on the laser level and project the laser towards the targeted position. (The position where you want to hang a picture).
  3. Now level the device. Self-leveling laser level levels quickly within a few seconds. You may need to set it up manually if it is not self-leveling.
  4. Mark the position where you want to hang the picture. You can use a pen or marker for this purpose.
  5. Hummer the nail at the marked position after analyzing its x-axis and y-axis.

For grading

Grading is the process of leveling a ground/land for construction. It is required before starting the construction of a house or apartment. Since it is an outdoor job, you may require a professional and long-range laser level such as a green-line laser level. A laser detector/receiver is used to ensure the accuracy of leveling.

  1. Set up the laser level properly on the ground, tripod, or any suitable object.
  2. Turn the laser level On. If it supports self-leveling then wait until it levels itself otherwise level it manually.
  3. Secure a meaning rod at any place.
  4. Place the ‘laser receiver’ on the measuring rod. Keep the receiver moving up to down and down to up until it sounds a beep.
  5. Note down the point (on the measuring rod) where the laser receiver sounds.
  6. Use this rod in different locations to take different measurements.

For wall studding

Wall-studding is the most important work in construction. If you failed to stud the wall correctly, your building will not stay longer. It will cause both health and wealth loss to you. To ensure accuracy, use a digital device such as the laser level. Here is the method of using the laser level for wall studding.

  1. Place the laser level on the tripod.
  2. Adjust the tripod at the desired height.
  3. Turn on the laser level. Use any of the self-leveling or manual leveling options to level it.
  4. Project the laser at the line of wall you are going to stud.
  5. Make sure that you are placing the pieces (maybe stone or wood) correctly with a suitable spacing.

For drainage

Drainage is used to remove surface water to keep the building secure. It is mostly used in regions having an excess of water. This method makes sure that water is not going to enter your building. The method of using the laser level for drainage is given below.

  1. Set up your laser level on the tripod or any suitable mounting instrument.
  2. Turn the device On and level it.
  3. Mark the drainage boundary with stakes.
  4. Place the meaning rod anywhere within the boundary.
  5. Take your desired readings for drainage using the laser level.

For tiling

Tiling at the floor or wall requires the best laser level for tile alignment. A specific laser level is used for this work. Picking up a suitable device will make your work easier.

  1. Place the laser level on the ground.
  2. Use the pins, suction cups, or mounting strips to secure this device on the floor.
  3. Turn on the laser level.
  4. Use the pendulum lock to level this laser level manually or automatically.
  5. It will project laser lines on the floor. Adjust the lines as per tile size.
  6. Now place the tiles with a sequence. Make sure that you are not leaving any extra space between these tiles.


Laser levels are used for different applications. There is no atom science in using this device. The actual thing is selecting the right laser level for your work. For example, an indoor laser level is useless for any outdoor or large-scale job. That’s why to be wise while selecting the laser level.

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