How to Spot and Remove Pop-Up Ads on Android?

One of the most annoying things you face is when you are in the midst of a high-end emotional drama that’s streaming online and there pops an ad, displaying the various benefits of some random service that’s the latest trend in the city. While pop-up ads are a good reason for being infuriated at breaking the rhythm, too many ads popping up at various times is also not a good sign.


These pop-ups hold the potential to be dangerous for various reasons. These can disturb and disrupt the performance of your smartphone, cause it to slow down, or just could be an indication that your phone privacy has been breached.


While these are some extreme possibilities but too many pop-up ads are downright irritating. Fortunately, there are numerous ways of handling these exasperating online ads. However, another way to handle these ads is through internet settings that can be adjusted both via your web browser or through your internet device. After all, the primary aim of all internet service providers is to ensure the security of the end-user and provide a secure connection.


Ensure That You Are Using a Safe and Secure Internet Connection

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How to Identify if a Pop-up Ad Is Malicious and Spammy or Not?

There are several ways through which you can easily identify malicious pop-up ads. For instance, if an ad declares that you have won some extremely high amount of money on the lottery, then that’s a fishy pop-up that you want to avoid, especially when you are not keen on the idea of purchasing lottery tickets or consider the whole thing as a sham.


Another example is when a pop-up comes in front of the screen and shows some sort of information from a government organization. The ad sounds authentic, yet you know that it could just be one of the many malicious ads that are run online because the close button at the top-right corner of the ad could probably open a link. Secondly, any authentic esteemed organization would not blindly target its audience this way.


Once, you can identify fishy pop-up ads on your phone, the next question is, how can you stop these malicious ads from popping up on your Android device?


How to Remove Pop-up Ads on Your Android Phone?

Once ensured that your internet service is free from network glitches during hours of high activity, it’s time to put a stop to these pesky pop-ups that keep spoiling your smartphone experience. Numerous ads keep popping up; suggesting you purchase the latest version of the iPhone. Another full-screen ad pops up, suggesting that you share an opinion over the health scare that’s currently rattled the continent.


Install and Run an Anti-virus Software to Detect and Rid of Such Spam

Such pop-ups expect us to go from annoyed to worried since we know that malware could be one of the reasons for causing these pop-ups. In that case, install and run an antivirus that will help you get rid of such spam.


Turn-on AdBlocker on Web Browser of Your Phone

If you are not sure, then you can turn on the ad-blocker on the web browser of your android phone. Another way is to simply close all apps, which function in the background. Sometimes, such ads may also cause your phone to slow down, in that case, restart your phone if it’s hanging up too much.


Review Installed Apps on Your Phone

If you are viewing pop-ups more than usual, it could be because of the recent apps that you may have downloaded. In this case, do read the reviews before downloading any app. This will give you an idea, whether the app is safe for your phone system or not. If an app did not receive positive reviews, we suggest that you immediately delete that app.


Install Only Relevant Apps

Always install those apps that you are sure to use every day. If you have installed games and ads that have started popping up in your smartphone after their installation, delete such games, as these will only harm your android device. If such ads still keep popping up, then this is probably malware. One way to be sure about this is by constantly running anti-virus software on your phone.


Switch off Permissions in the App Settings

Another way to remove pop-up ads on your android phone is to switch off permissions in the app settings. It is important to remember that ad settings on your android phone may differ from other android devices. We suggest that you install ad detector apps on your phone, that can help you spot and remove these spammy pop-ups.


Run the Factory Reset

As a final resort, to put a stop to these pesky pop-ups is by running the factory reset. You can do this when all hope is lost and the ads simply will not stop. While the factory reset should be your final option as all installed apps, personalized settings, and relevant data will be wiped off from your phone, you will have no option but to start from scratch. This may be preferred by those, who have no other way left to deal with these pop-ups.


The Bottom Line…

Pop-up ads on your Android device can be irritating as they drink up both your data and your phone battery. To avoid such ads constantly popping up on your phone, we suggest that you rigorously check the app that you are downloading before installation so that you download apps that are safe for your system.