How To Solve Your 3 Common Dumpster Rental Issues


How To Solve Your 3 Common Dumpster Rental Issues

If you rent dumpsters regularly or if this is your first time renting one, there are some things you should know. The most common issues people and or

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If you rent dumpsters regularly or if this is your first time renting one, there are some things you should know. The most common issues people and organizations have when using dumpsters are:

To avoid or handle these issues, read on.

Dumping your Debris Illegally

You probably calculated how big a dumpster you would need for a specific job. This is so you will have enough room to dispose of your stuff without going over the weight limit for the dumpster. But when you get to the job site and see that other people have dumped their trash in your dumpster without your permission, it can be frustrating.

It is not legal, in most cities, to place rubbish in someone else’s dumpster without their permission. If someone dumps their trash in your dumpster without your consent, they break the law.

However, many people still dump their garbage illegally.

Fortunately, there are various ways to stop people from dumping garbage in your dumpster rental.

First and foremost, don’t be afraid to call the police if you see someone dumping trash illegally. The police might be able to increase security in the area so that this doesn’t happen again. They might also be able to identify who is dumping trash in your dumpster by looking for clues like identifying markings or checking surveillance footage.


There are several ways to prevent unlawful dumping. One way is to place your trash in a well-lit, fenced-in area. Another way is to relocate your waste closer to your company or home and away from the street. You can also keep dumpster lids closed as much as possible to extend its time to dispose of unwanted materials. This will make it harder for illegal dumpers to get rid of their trash and avoid being caught quickly.

Dumpster Overage Fees

If someone puts too much material in a dumpster, or if they put something in the dumpster that is too heavy, the dumpster rental company may have to pay extra fees. This helps cover the company’s costs due to this behavior, such as additional landfill disposal fees or having to buy another dumpster.

To avoid fines, never fill your dumpster past the permitted fill line. If you choose between two dumpster sizes, go with the larger one. The cost of renting a little larger dumpster is usually less than the cost of a dumpster over-fill fee or getting another dumpster later if you discover you need more room.

Look at the dumpster’s description to see what kind of construction materials it can hold without exceeding its weight limit. This will help you stay under the container weight limit and avoid extra charges. Dumpster rental businesses in Brockton, MA often have customized dumpsters for different types of debris, such as bricks, concrete, dirt, other heavy materials, and lighter-weight materials.

If it looks like it might rain, always cover your rental dumpsters with tarps. A dumpster filled with wet garbage will weigh more than a dumpster filled with dry stuff, making it easier to break the weight limit.

Contamination of Waste

you should never dispose of hazardous waste with regular trash. It is essential to know which products are considered hazardous waste by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). There are four categories that an object can fit into to be classified as hazardous waste.

Flammable: Flammable Trash can catch on fire at a temperature below 140 degrees F. Some examples of combustible materials are nail polish remover, gasoline, and automobile oil.

Toxic: People and the environment can be harmed by toxic, hazardous waste. For example, antifreeze, pharmaceuticals, and compact fluorescent light bulbs are all toxic.

Corrosive substances: They are often very acidic or alkaline. They can harm human skin and the environment. Examples of corrosive substances are household bleach, oven cleaner, and automotive batteries.

Reactive materials: They are materials that can explode or release gas under pressure. Some examples of reactive materials are propane tanks and aerosol cans.

If you’re not sure whether an item you want to get rid of is hazardous, do some research online or call your dumpster rental company.

If you put hazardous material in your dumpster, your rental company may charge you an extra cost for hazardous waste disposal or require you to remove the waste before they truck it away. Instead, take these items to a nearby dangerous waste disposal center.