How To Dress In A Colorful Fur Coat For Off-Duty Occasions

Ever since the rise of fur fashion, people have been used to choosing only the perfect monochrome coats. It represents class and elegance. This is often a synonym for luxury and an over-the-top effect especially if you’re only out to do some random shopping at the nearby shopping strip. It’s what brought on the trend of multi-colored coats. People wanted a playful variety that wouldn’t add a few years to them. Let’s face it, when you’re twenty-eight and you wear a full-length mink coat, you’ll most likely look a bit mature for your age. It’s good if you’re trying to impress your bosses at work, and not when you’re out on a coffee date with friends from college.

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The rise of this bright and colorful outerwear screams positivity in the midst of the difficulties we have faced in the past year. This is why people of all ages welcome this fresh perspective the multi-colored coats bring us. However, because we are so used to the monochrome taste, we’re somehow, having a hard time pairing this bright and beaming coat with the rest of the stuff in our closet. Below are tips on how to wear your colorful coat and look awesome with it.

The Off-Duty Look
Multicolored coats are a strictly off-duty kind of outerwear especially if you’re working in one of the huge offices in the city where employees are required to wear formal attire. And the bright and colorful coat is not the way to do that. So, in celebration of the hard work you’ve put in for the week, you’re entitled to have some fun in your multi-colored coat paired together with black tapered pants and a white tee. Bring your A-game by rounding off this outfit with a pair of black leather pumps and a clutch.

The Relaxed Casual
It is important that women look fresh, vibrant, and fashionable even at the most basic activity they have to do for the weekend. If you have plans to go look for home decor items to spruce up your home or stroll around the city, do some window shopping, and relax in a cafe later, looking good and stylish is still vital in case you bump elbows with a co-worker or anyone who knows you. For an unfailing relaxed casual choice, you can never go wrong with this pairing of a multi-colored coat and faded ripped boyfriend jeans. Step up the fashion-forward factor of your outfit by finishing off with a pair of black suede pumps and a black leather crossbody bag.

The First Date Look
If you got a date during the cold days of the year—congrats! Typically, chilly days are making it harder to get into the dating scene but since you got one, here’s a tip for revving up your dating game: a multi-colored jacket. LBD is also the classic first date outfit under your outerwear but we’re here to defy the classics. Your best look would be in a burgundy bodycon dress, hair in stylish disarray as if you’re looking to get rescued, and a nice pair of black suede ankle boots for a bit of an attitude.

The Laid-Back Spin
Going for a ride to the countryside? Dressing down when heading to your childhood town does not mean distressed clothing and a pair of chunky sneakers. No. Grab a multi-colored jacket and acid wash ripped blue skinny jeans for a laid-back spin. You don’t want to be tripping in your high heels when walking on the sidewalk towards your favorite ice cream shop. So, get a little creative on the subject of shoes and dress down this outfit by slipping into a pair of white sneakers.

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