How To Buy An Apartment In Planos in the Dominican Republic?

In this guide you will know what are the steps to follow to invest in a flat apartment in the Dominican Republic, either in the tourism sector, or in the residential sector. When an apartment project is already available and has just hit the market, it is the best time to make the investment and reserve, as long as it meets the requirements of your family.

This is because it allows you to have a reasonable time to complete the initial and normally the monthly payments are usually lower. Seeing it this way, at this point you can invest in the project you choose simply considering your monthly installments as savings made automatically towards your real estate assets.

The initial of an apartment in the Dominican Republic normally ranges from 10% in apartments with a value less than RD$3,000,000 and 20% for apartments with a higher value, because banks often lend 80% of the appraised value. of the apartment (once it is finished). So if it is being built, you will be able to find some opportunities where they only ask for the down payment on the apartment while it is under construction, so that you will have more flexibility in your monthly payments.

Advantages of Buying in Plans

Investing in plans has great advantages which you will be able to feel once you have experienced the entire process. If you manage to take advantage of each of them, applying the steps that we outline here, you will have the maximum possible return on your DR realtor for great investments. Among the benefits are the following:

You save indirectly

As we mentioned above, you can assume that your initial monthly payments are savings on autopilot that you make every month. So this type of investment saves you money that would otherwise be spent on something else anyway.

You protect yourself from devaluation

Every year money saved in cash loses some value through inflation. Which means that even if you have the money saved, you lose purchasing power? Investing in flat real estate guarantees that your savings are being placed in an asset that, chosen properly, will grow over time.

Accumulate Capital in the Long Term without Even Making an Effort

When you pay monthly from your income to your “Real Estate Assets” your efforts accumulate over time without realizing it. If you spend years making this type of investment, and eventually decades, with sufficient income, after 20 to 30 years you will have accumulated multiple apartments with which you can passively generate profitability in other stages of your life.

You can get capital gains if you invest in an area that is growing

Seeing the future in real estate is one of the things that you cannot miss in your investment process. When buying flats, ask you: What is the future of this sector? Will it be in demand in the next 5 to 10 years?  If the answer is yes, it is very likely that you will end up obtaining a large capital gain on your investment; not because of the increase in some of the construction materials, but because the demand for that location will end up driving prices higher in the future.

Best prices

And of course, you will have the possibility of acquiring your apartment at a better price than if it had already been ready for delivery. Sometimes the construction company, when it launches an apartment project on the market, makes its first clients participate as investors to a certain extent, so that the difference in prices that it will have when it is delivered to you will remain as a profit.