How do you organize an open kitchen?

The grand homes also include open kitchens. They look modern and elegant. However, it is challenging to master this type of kitchen. An open kitchen has floating shelves in place of cabinets in the upper part. Similar to that, you can utilize cabinetry for the most storage base.

Additionally, an open kitchen typically includes the counter in an L shape. 

If you’ve got the layout, it is possible to easily manage your kitchen’s contents. The first thing to consider is the open shelves in how they appear from a distance. Always begin by organizing open shelves. In this case, you must clean your space to make it easier to manage the area. If you’re hoping to have a stylish but practical kitchen, make sure you read this article. Here are some ideas on how to arrange your kitchen open:

  1. A shelf at one time
  2. Use items for daily use
  3. Decorate shelves by putting dishes on them
  4. Do not use heavy things
  5. Base cabinets are used for appliances
  6. Glass and wood are in contrast
  7. Do not show over items
  8. Use containers for food
  9. There is no need to fill the top shelves

A shelf at one time:

In the general sense, every kitchen has shelves open in it. Therefore, it is necessary to take them down to see the layout of where it is. The most efficient method of organizing the room is to take each shelf one at a time. This means you need to take down the granite countertops and racks that you can see. Begin by clearing the brackets on the bottom. Each one by one, move through every corner of your open kitchen space.

Use items for daily use:

The next thing to do is place the essential items on the open shelves. Start by placing the most frequent essentials on the shelves. However, you should avoid stacking them on top of other things. Use the lower shelf to store your tea jars, spice jars, and coffee. So you will have less dirt and dust at the end of the day. Be aware that the possibility of dust is standard in the open kitchen. This is why it’s challenging to keep them clean.. 

Decorate shelves by putting dishes on them:

You can place your food items in the cabinet below. Cabinets provide the most storage space in their frame-like boxes. But, you can also make an open space look more attractive by placing your china dishes on display. Additionally, they will look great on shelves made of wood. Furthermore, the ones with intricate patterns give the appearance of traditional in your contemporary space. This way, you’ll have them in your possession.

Do not use heavy things:

If you own a lot of decorative items that you don’t utilize, don’t put them on your shelves. Wood or any other material may crack from the weight of constant use. Therefore, be cautious before taking the risk. Instead, you can place the heavy-duty pots in the windows in your kitchen. This way, they will bring a fresh appearance to your living space.

Base cabinets are used for appliances:

For bulky objects and things that are heavy, consider base cabinets. In this case, cabinets will provide you with high-quality boxes as well as the most efficient storage space. Therefore, you can use the lower area to store your bulky appliances. You can also put things that are not used often in these spaces. It’s the best method to arrange your kitchen’s open space efficiently.

Glass and wood are in contrast:

The wood-glass contrast is the perfect combination. There isn’t a definitive rule that applies to wooden shelves. However, you can place dishes, glassware glasses, pots, and other items on top shelves. Cups and saucers can are beautiful on full shelves of these wooden ones.

Do not show over items:

You can place the essentials and decorative objects on open shelves. Sure, they appear attractive. But, don’t put them on top of each other. Don’t over-display the plates and cups. Also, keep a certain distance between the dishes and cups. In the end, they’ll appear more appealing from a distance.

Use containers for food:

However, it’s not a good idea to expose food items in the open kitchen. However, you can utilize containers for storage to stop food items from becoming spoiled. Containers and jars are air-tight, and therefore are the best choice to keep food items on ready. As you can see, you need some organizational skills to arrange your kitchen’s open space.

There is no need to fill the top shelves:

In an open area with the quartz countertops cost in the center, typically, it is the highest shelves on top. It is best not to put them in a way in most instances. You can, therefore, make use of them to put the vase in a lightweight or for other items. You can also leave them empty. Additionally, you cannot put things that are usable on them. Therefore, isn’t it more beneficial to leave them open?


Today the majority of people prefer an open kitchen. It isn’t easy to control such an ample space. However, you can manage it using open shelves or cabinetry. The best way to arrange your home is to set things you frequently use on the shelves. Additionally, you can embellish them with china dishes. Make use of lower cabinets for large appliances. Beware of over-display and large objects that are placed on shelves.