How disinfectant sprayer helps to save from diseases?



1.Disinfectant sprayer

The disinfectant sprayer is a toy gun that shoots out the disinfectant liquid. This toy has been designed with the concept of eco-friendly environment awareness, which it can help improve children’s awareness on hygiene and health through play. With its easy operation, this toy becomes popular among children, who are able to use the product even without instruction from adults.

2. What is a disinfectant sprayer made of?

disinfectant sprayer are made by combining plastics and other materials, which make the product lightweight but strong. The handle is made of ABS resin, while the main body of the product is TPE.

3. How to use a disinfectant sprayer?

  • You can add water into the tank up until the line on the tank. If you add more, it will overflow from the nozzle when spraying.
  • Open and close the water tank cap every time you add water in order to prevent leakage.
  • Close the water tank cap securely after filling with water and press the down nozzle button, spraying out the liquid.
  • Wash the cap area if it is contaminated during use. Please do not tighten the nozzle button when washing it.
  • Please do not pull or push the nozzle button with excessive force, as this may cause leakage or breakage of the product.
  • When storing the product, please wash it thoroughly and let it dry completely. 4. Is a disinfectant sprayer easy to use? Yes, it is very easy to use
  1. How to use a disinfectant sprayer?
  • A: Shake the can about 1-2 minutes before spraying for good mixing.
  • B: Slightly press the nozzle and spray.
  • C: After use, clean the nozzle by spraying water for a few seconds.
  • D: When storing in a long-term period, add some air to make sure it is full of air after every use. Keep the can away from high temperature or direct sunlight.


3. Types of disinfectant sprayers

a. Water-fill type

This is the most common type of disinfectant sprayer, in which you have to fill water into the tank before spraying out liquid on surfaces or objects. You can add water into the tank up until the line on the tank. If you add more, it will overflow from the nozzle when spraying.


b. Liquid-fill type

This is also an easy-to-use disinfectant sprayer, in which you can directly fill disinfectant liquid on the back of the handle. This type is usually preferred by professionals who make frequent use of disinfectant sprays, as it allows for quick direct spraying without having to refill with water first.


c. Hand spray type

This type of disinfectant sprayer is similar to a hand pump, where you have to manually press the handle downwards quickly in order to spray out liquid from the nozzle. This is ideal for occasions where you want to spray on surfaces that are not easily accessible. For example, spraying on high places or on objects that don’t have a wide connection with the nozzle.


4. How to maintain disinfectant sprayer?

  • If the nozzle is clogged, please rinse by using water or another appropriate liquid. (Please do not use substances like gasoline or kerosene, as this may cause damage.)
  • Please avoid dropping by any means in order to prevent damaging the product. c) Be careful on the path of spraying, as this may cause damage to surrounding surfaces or objects.
  • Do not use any disinfectants other than water when filling the tank.
  • Avoid storing in high temperature or humidity for a long period of time.
  • After use, please wash thoroughly with water and let it dry completely before storage.
  • Please wash the nozzle part regularly.
  • If there are any broken or defective parts, please stop using the product immediately and contact us immediately for correct maintenance or replacement.

5. How to clean the disinfectant sprayer?

After use, clean the nozzle by spraying water for a few seconds and wipe it dry after use. If you do not use the product for a long time, please add some air to make sure it’s full of air before storage.

6. Benefits of using disinfectant sprayers

  • Great for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces at home, school and office.
  • Especially useful when you want to clean or disinfect in hard-to-reach areas such as high places or where there is little space.
  • Can be used with various types of chemicals according to your needs, including but not limited to disinfectants, soaps or detergents.
  • You can conveniently spray with one hand due to its simple design and lightweight structure.
  • Does not require electricity, batteries or refilling with still liquids like some other types of cleaners.
  • This disinfectant sprayer is easy to use for everyone including those without any particular training.
  • Does not require a large space of storage, making it easy to carry around for all family members.
  • Great for areas of public interest such as schools, hospitals, and childcare facilities where hygiene is especially important. Since this product can be used more easily compared with other types of cleaner, you can clean the whole area greatly.