Hair implant: baldness treatment

Hair-by-hair hair transplant is a surgical procedure with definitive results for baldness.

Hair – by-hair hair transplant is a surgical procedure with definitive results for baldness. Currently, alopecia is treated in different ways, starting with medical treatments using topical lotions and oral treatments that prevent or slow hair loss.

“However, when the lack of hair has progressed despite the first indications,

a medical evaluation should be done to verify whether or not the patient is a candidate for hair implantation,” explains Dr. Humberto Gacitúa , a plastic surgeon at Las Condes Clinic .

The specialist explains that in this instance it is examined if it has an adequate donor area and, if so, the capillary micro-implant is indicated , which is done in an outpatient ward with local anesthesia and sedation.

The hair implant consists of extracting from the occipital

area (nape) a strip of skin with its respective Hair transplant Dubai, which are removed from this strip of scalp by specialized personnel, who obtain the hair implants to place them in the alopecic areas. .


It should be noted that this procedure lasts from 1 to 4 hours, depending on the number of follicular units (set of hairs) to be grafted. “After 2 hours, the patient is discharged with a complete healing bandage to protect the implants. This bandage is maintained for 2 or 3 days”, explains Dr. Gacitúa.

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During the first check, the healing is carefully removed,

Exposing the implanted area. For its part, and after 5 days, the first hair wash is allowed with a mild shampoo, ideally for children so as not to detach the newly implanted follicles.

“Regarding the donor area, it is completely closed and sutured immediately, and the stitches must be removed between 12 and 14 days,” adds the plastic surgeon.

The implanted hairs grow a few millimeters and fall out after 3-6 weeks, leaving the scalp bald.

At 3 or 4 months, the new hair begins to grow, a development that can last from 8 to 16 months, ending the entire treatment on this date.

The final result should be observed after a year and a half to have a good length and adequate concentration of the implanted hair: This hair has a growth and firmness that is equivalent to normal hair.


This hair implant can be repeated 2 or 3 more times if necessary, depending on the need to concentrate the implants more or the result requirements of each patient, in addition to the amount of hair implants in the occipital area.