Got an Old Home? Here’s How Epoxy Coating Can Save You From Big Headaches

Resistance to corrosion and chemicals is one of the greatest advantages of PVC piping. Unfortunately, this piping option wasn’t used in America until the early 1950s and the 60s. Before that, houses and buildings used galvanized plumbing and cast-iron pipes. If you got an old property and you want to improve its plumbing, using epoxy coating is a cost-effective solution.

Here’s how it can save you from big spending — and big headaches.

Rehabilitating Old Pipes with Epoxy Coating

The pipes used back in the day typically have a lifespan of 50 to 70 years. If you do the math, this means that they’re now at the end of their expected lifespan. If you don’t take action, you will frequently encounter these headache-inducing issues:

Slow or no water flow


Terrible water smell (or taste, for potable water)

Scale buildups around piping seams and joints

The band-aid solution is to have them repaired, often, in quick intervals. This is not just costly, it’s also exhausting logistically speaking. Replacement is an option, too. But this route is time-consuming albeit cost-effective.

Lining your piping with epoxy resin is an economical and less-disruptive way of rehabilitating your old home’s plumbing. The coating is applied to the interior of your old pipes through a trenchless method called cured-in-place-pipe or CIPP lining technology.

In this technique, a special device is used to reach the interior of the old pipes, apply the coating in the walls, and let it harden to form a new pipe.

The Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

Below are the best benefits of resorting to this method of rejuvenating your outdated plumbing system and preventing corrosion from eating it away.

It’s quicker to install but has long-lasting benefits. With this repiping alternative, you don’t have to damage your already old property and its landscape just to replace your old pipes. Because it’s less disruptive, it can also be finished more quickly than traditional rehabilitation methods. Though it’s fast to install, it can guarantee a virtually lifetime durability.

It’s cost-efficient. Lining your pipes with epoxy resin is also cost-saving. Experts estimate that you can save up to 50% compared to when you replace your old pipe or resort to conventional repair methods. The reason for this is that it’s not just quick to accomplish, it also requires less labour and equipment.

It guarantees safer water. Even if you got an old home, what’s important is that it has a well-functioning plumbing system. A great plumbing system isn’t just one that doesn’t have leakage or adequate water pressure. Most importantly, it should be able to be a vessel fo safe, corrosion-free water.

It can boost your old home’s market value. Your antiquated property can enjoy a revitalized market value through this plumbing rehabilitation method. Functionality-wise, it provides your home with a working plumbing network. Aesthetically speaking, it’s also an advantage because, as stated, you don’t have to blemish your landscape and other areas of your property just to make your plumbing system smoothly running again.

It’s environmentally friendly. With epoxy coating, you’re not just keeping your loved one’s health by offering them safer water. It’s also friendly to the environment. You don’t have to worry about chemical-laden water leaking out your plumbing system and posing harm to your immediate surroundings.

Protect your property’s pipes and avoid leaks with epoxy coating. Contact Advanced Pipe Repair today to know more about our services.