Four common perfume mistakes plus how to make your scent last longer

Choosing the proper scent requires research plus your valuable money. So, applying perfume in the right manner is essential otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the fragrance. The first step after buying a perfume is to adopt the right way of perfuming. In this article, you will learn about common perfume mistakes and how you can avoid them. Also, you will get some tips about how to make your fragrance last longer. Let us have a look at four common perfume mistakes that makes your perfume fades away sooner than expected.

  • Using perfume to cover up the smell

So getting late for work and thinking you can survive a long day without taking shower in the morning and using perfume to mask the odor. Well, it is not a good idea. The perfume does not cover body odors. It can not bring you the cleanliness and freshness of a shower. 

 Fragrances are a vital aspect of personal hygiene but do not use fragrances alone. The mixture of smells will make it worse and can be an embarrassment at the workplace. So, avoid using this technique shower properly and use your favorite fragrance.

  • Spraying correctly is an art

In order to make your fragrance last longer, you should know the art of spraying. Doing it in the wrong way will make your perfume fade away. You will like to spray your favorite fragrance all over just because you like it. But It can not be a good idea and a wastage of money too.

Applying perfume on hot points of the body is a good idea. Pulse points include wrists, inside of the elbow, hollows of knees, and neck. Avoid rubbing of perfume after applying because it can evaporate the notes quickly. The enzymes released can also modify the smell of perfume. Another idea to make your fragrance last longer is to spray the perfume on your hair and clothes.

  • Using deodorant instead of perfume

It is not a good idea to use  deodorant instead of perfume ,or to use both of them together it will not be a good idea. Perfumes and deodorants have different compositions. Do not use them as a substitute for one another. Mostly the deodorants have a strong smell but they can not make your scent last longer.

Ideally, deodorants help in avoiding perspiration, and fragrance makes you feel fresh all day long. Fragrance cannot fight perspiration. So use them both according to the occasion. Deodorant is a choice for use after gym but not at work. So follow the instructions accordingly.

  • Over spraying is not advisable

Your olfactory memory is full of your favorite fragrances. The brain has the ability to remember and store information regarding fragrances.

  If you wear the same fragrance for a long time your nose will get used to it. So, if you are over spraying your favorite fragrance just because you can not feel the same smell is not a good idea. Over spraying can also be an unpleasant experience for people around you. People can avoid interacting with you so avoid this common mistake.

Now you have an idea about common perfume mistakes. Let us have a look at tips to stay fragrant all day.

  • Tips to make your fragrance last longer

Here are some tips to make your scent last longer all day.

  • Moisturize your skin first with some hydrating lotion before applying any fragrance.
  • Apply the scent on pulse point so that they can release the aroma properly.
  • Generally, woody fragrances like oud and musk last longer than fruity ones. So purchase according to your interest. In souk galleria, we are offering the best perfumes in Pakistan. We have a wide range of oud and musk perfumes and attar collections. Do check our website for the details of our products.
  • Perfumes work fine on damp skin. Using them after showering is a great idea.
  • Your hair and cloth retain the fragrance for a  longer period of time. So spray on hair and clothes. Souk galleria exclusively offers hair and body mists too. Try the best perfumes in Pakistan at souk galleria and have a wonderful experience with our quality products.