‘First-Time’ Memories With Your Best Friend That You Will Always Cherish

Wow, what a line!

You must be wondering what that expression is. Well, a very famous and wise American cartoonist Bill Watterson said that “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.”

We all had moments in our lives when we were scared, alone, and away from our parents. However, there is this person who has accompanied each of you in your bad and good times. It is your dearest – best friend.

There are many things that you cannot share or do with your parents in your lives, but this person is always at your rescue, whatsoever. Today, let us talk about some of the amazing ‘first-time’ memories that you would have or can make with your bestie.

Let us begin now!

1.     First Time Proposal Prank

It sounds rubbish, right! But, things that you do with your best friend always have a reason. To make sure that the boy who ditched you for someone else gets to know your value, did your bestie ever do this?

Sending online flowers to the boy’s home to woo and make him feel special. Then, the next day telling him that it was a prank is still one of the most common things that many of you must have done. Being your best friend, there is the only thing that they know – TIT FOR TAT, and so do they follow it.

Alas! But, we bet that the boy will always remember who they messed up with.

2.     First Time Bunk

Bunking your second lecture and going to the Pani Puri bhaiya is a whole other level of fun, and how the hell can you miss out on it.

Well, you can certainly not do this along with your parents, even if they are the so-rare ‘Coolest’ parents in the world. Isn’t it? Hence, make sure that you never miss trying out on this one.

You will be in awe of how good it feels to bunk your maths lecture just for a plate of Pani puri or momos. Only you and your best friend can nail this task.

Note – Add this to your bucket list if you haven’t done it!

3.     First Time Night Out

Mommies often say no to night-outs, and so do your daddies. But at times, it is fun and cool when you have the most convincing friend by your side.

Bring her/him along with you to your house. Ask your dearest pal to convince your parents for this one NIGHT-OUT of your life. If you are the lucky one to have a daredevil best friend, she will make sure that this happens. However, if you are on the other side of the coin, then try your best. This is all that we can suggest to you, as of now!

But do not forget to bring along some of the scariest movies, your comfortable PJs, and a bowl of popcorn for the best fun night, along with your best friend.

4.     First Time 12 AM Shots

Well, the next task on our list is only for the 18+. Whenever you try this out, make sure that you avoid including anyone else in it, apart from your best friend. It is certainly because; she is the only one that you can trust after all.

Try your first glass to midnight shots with her and cease the experience that you had at this moment. Also, if possible, then add this one to your diary with a picture of both of you in it. One day, when you are in your 40s or 50s, we bet that you will cherish it for sure.

5.     First Time Goa Trip

Goa trips are always special, and so is your bond. From a very early age, we all start wondering what this trip to GOA is actually like. Once you get a nod from your parents to go on trips, ensure that you two go to Goa without fail.

Enjoy the hot breeze, sandy beaches, and quirky life of this city. There are endless memories that you will make here!

Tadaaa! That was it from this side. Now, bang on, as it is your turn to spill the beans. Share the memorable moments that you and your best friend created. It can be weirdest of all, boring of all, or funniest of all; make sure that you do not hesitate to put them out.

Also, lastly, say thanks to your dearest person for all the things you could do with her/him in life. And, do not forget to order a nice bouquet of lilies or tulips from the best florist in Bangalore.

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