Finding a Mentor: 5 things to know

“A mentor enables a person to achieve. A hero shows what achievement looks like,” said John C. Mather, an American astrophysicist, cosmologist and Nobel Prize in Physics laureate for his work on the Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite with George Smoot.

Well, finding a mentor at the workplace can be challenging sometimes, even if you find the right one, building strong relationships needs some common ground, so that your conversation becomes easy and effective.

Here are 5 things to know about finding a mentor:


Well, getting is a mentor is not a tough task but finding the right one is hard. Even when you get the right mentor for yourself, the chances are that you will get very little time to spend one-on-one with your mentor, so you have to make use of most of that time. When your mentor is taking interest in engaging with you through conversation that it can provide you a great experience. But if your mentor is not taking interest in your challenges and problems then that’s not the right mentor for you. Try to find a mentor who actually wants to help you succeed.


If you get a mentor who actually is committed to helping you improve and succeed, means you got a good shot. A good mentor can guide you with their experience and can provide you a better path to succeed in your life. Well, if you want to make it clear that your mentor believes in mentorship or not, ask them about their mentoring experience. This will help you to understand them.


The most important thing in a mentor-mentee relationship is trust. When mentorship is built on trust then it will give you a better experience and greater success opportunities. But the trust relationship should be similar from both the side to make a positive impact when the mentee has trust on their mentor, it will make them comfortable in sharing their problems and challenges. Also, the mentor should have trust in their mentees, so that they can share their experiences with them. But building trust takes time and it requires that both parties should be committed to working together.


When you find a mentor who has similar values as you, then it could help in forming a better connection between each other. If you believe in the same type of work ethics and values then your mentor will be able to provide you effective guidance for your career. If you are not aware of your values or priorities then try to write some of the things that are important to you and then use them to find a suitable mentor for you.


If you want to understand your mentor or you are trying to get to know them, it can be easy if you have some common grounds. Well, if you find out some common interests between you and your mentor then it will help you in better conversation that can help you a lot.

Reza Satchu is one of the examples of business leaders who have founded 5 companies, notably:, Inc., KGS-Alpha Capital Markets LP, and NEXT Canada. Reza Satchu is also on the board of Alignvest Investment Management Corp., The Edgewood Health Network, Inc., Trilogy International Partners, Inc., and Sagicor Financial Co. Ltd. (former President, Chief Executive Officer & Director).