Effects and benefits of a relaxing massage

The atmosphere should be comfortable, spacious, clean, the temperature should be satisfactory (24-26º). We need to avoid noise and wind as much as possible to avoid freezing. so if necessary, we put a heater in the classroom or hall. promote relaxation We use soft music that facilitates relaxation.

Work Plan: This can be done at the gym. carpet or insulation It should be covered with a large towel to prevent it from getting dirty. the best solution (if we don’t have many stretchers) is to work comfortably in the classroom by placing electrical insulation on benches that form temporary stretchers.

A relaxing massage is given gently.

(They like flatness) Moderate light and depth. Lasts about 40-45 minutes in normal and 20-25 minutes if local. The rhythm is constant, there are no sudden changes and no contact with the recipient’s body is interrupted so that rest is not disturbed. in most cases, manual processing alternates to create a continuous impression. This is done in the direction of the heart. (from hands to shoulders, from legs to thighs, from hips to neck …)

Increase blood circulation

It facilitates the regeneration of blood vessels and releases catabolites from these areas, which enhances muscle recovery.

It stimulates lymphatic flow and helps remove lactic acid and other residues. which occurs during intense training

Improves muscle nutrition, tone (reduces excessive tone after exercise), flexibility and contraction.

Stimulates the immune system

  • Removing dead skin cells cleanses and tightens the skin
  • Reduces stress, creates deep physical and mental relaxation
  • Causes the release of endorphins, the “calm” hormone.
  • Healing from contact with our skin.
  • Helps achieve emotional balance
  • Increases sensitivity and perception
  • Increase awareness of your model



  • do not return
  • Skin and hair diseases
  • Chronic inflammation with redness, pain and fever
  • Infections and hemorrhoids, tumors and cancer
  • Open wounds, bones and fractures
  • Vascular diseases: thrombophlebitis, cold …
  • In the acute phase of arthritis
  • Internal injuries and burns
  • Importance of physical contact
    We live in an age of machines:

Televisions, computers, cell phones … We are already familiar and able to communicate with other people. But long distance communication. Indeed, when misused. Physical contact with others is extremely rare and also time to take care of oneself, family, work, social commitment … there is a responsibility.

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