Does Custom Boxes Keep Products Safe and Increase Shelf Life

The shelf life of any product is an important factor that affects it from the time it is manufactured to the time it has been utilized by the consumers. The shelf life is the time period for the optimum quality of a product which can be affected by many external factors like the contents used, its manufacturing process and moreover the type of the packaging used to protect it from any external influence. Food and medicines have the most critical shelf life as they are venerable to any sort of external influence like bacteria and other germs which may result in a quick decay of the item and make it in-edible. It is important for good health to have a healthy diet. An edible item that is free of germs and any sort of contamination can affect the health with a greater impact.

The use of a good packaging solution can help you a lot in the consumer chain process and prevent your product from any sort of decay. Custom Boxes can benefit any business that is related to the items which are venerable to getting decay or has small spam of shelf life. These boxes can be manufactured of any sort of desired materials and can be designed in any shape or size for better protection. These boxes can be customized according to any specific requirement and the level of protection.

Custom packaging is already widely used in the industry for better safeguarding of the items. The wide personalization characteristics of this packaging style and wide variety of materials that can be used for better protection make such packaging to be preferred from rest of the alternatives.

These boxes can be used in various designs in accordance with the product. These can be lined with metal foils for keeping the contaminants out of the main item. The design can also be optimized according to the fragile nature of the item to be packed inside and the utilization of rigid boxes for that purpose can be done. These boxes can also be purchased in the required design from Custom Boxes Wholesale supplier in accordance with your primary needs and nature of item which you are going to pack in them. Custom Packaging USA is a big market for safeguarding food items, as a lot of food goes to waste due to poor packaging. Here are some features of these boxes which make them a dream choice for better protection of products that have a low shelf-life period.

Transportation and storage conditions

The process from the manufacturing of the product to handing it in consumer’s hands is always most critical time period to affect the shelf life. This process comprises different ups and downs and changes in surrounding temperature which can impact a sensitive item very badly. This can easily decrease the shelf life of that specific item. These highs and lows in the supply chain can enable the microbes to grow instantly and result in contamination, which can shorten the shelf life. Food items and medical vaccines are highly affected by this change in temperature and the impact of humidity on them. Custom packaging can be utilized in such conditions to safeguard them more wisely.

Better handling and protection

Products are also affected due to the handling process as some items like milk and beverages are always at high risk when handled poorly. There is a high risk of knocking off the packaging with some other physical object and puncturing of package. It can ultimately result shelf life of that item to be decreased. Custom packaging can be designed with use of desired durable materials which can protect the product with more efficiency. Custom packaging is also preferred due to the better handling characteristics. These boxes can be customized with the use of handles for a better grip. Custom Printed Boxes with printing stating the nature of items inside can help a lot in the handling process as the risk of poor handling will be minimal when the handler knows the nature of thing they are handling.

Consumer handling

Once the product is in the hands of the consumers, it is exposed to more temperature change than ever before. From purchasing to storing the item in the refrigerator at home, the changes in temperature can trigger a chemical reaction in any food item. The temperature of the refrigerator can also be high or low than the optimal temperature required for safeguarding an item. Moreover, once the package is opened, the shelf life date assigned to the product is no longer applicable. Packaging can be designed in a sense that can prevent the shortening of shelf life. Boxes having an airtight lid on top or designs, the top of which can be re-sealed after opening can help the product to sustain for longer time period.