Can IPL devices be harmful?

Basically, IPL hair removal is not harmful to the skin. baby swing covers the light used does not contain UV rays, nor is infrared technology used. In fact, only xenon light affects your skin and hair. If you are using an IPL device for the first time, you may still feel a slight pinching or burning sensation on the skin. The reason lies in the smallest skin irritations that react to the laser light. After the treatment, redness on the skin is not uncommon. If handled incorrectly, it can happen that there is a risk of slight burns. For example, if you use IPL devices on dark skin or pre-tanned skin areas, the light is absorbed more strongly and large-scale pigmentation disorders form.

Serious side effects that can occur with improper use of IPL devices include:


  • Scars
  • conspicuous skin spots
  • Inflammation of the hair follicles
  • Infections

In some cases, the skin can react more sensitive to light after treatment than before.

How much do IPL devices cost?

Compared to other methods of hair removal, IPL devices are priced in a higher category. If you want a high-quality model, the price range starts at 150 euros and increases depending on application areas and functions. Expensive IPL hair removers can cost more than 1,000 euros.

Which brands sell the best IPL devices?

If you want to save yourself regular shaving, IPL devices permanently remove annoying hairs. There are many models for home use – including less high-quality no-name products. If you want to be on the safe side and buy high-quality IPL devices, several IPL device tests on the Internet recommend the following manufacturers:


  • Beurer
  • Babyliss
  • Brown
  • Silk’n
  • Remington


If you are looking for high-quality IPL devices for the face or bikini line, the Philips Lumea is also worth a recommendation.

Tip: If you want to save, you can also look online for cheap IPL devices at discounters such as Lidl.

Do IPL devices work for dark skin?

Several manufacturers point out that IPL devices are not very effective for dark skin. Melanin pigments are found not only in the hair but also in the skin. The melanin concentration in darker skin is significantly higher, which can lead to injuries. For this reason, IPL treatment is not recommended even for tanned skin.

How long do IPL devices last?

The lifetime of IPL devices can vary greatly depending on the model. To determine an average value, baby swing frame we assume that you rid the whole body of hairs with each treatment. This requires around 500 light pulses and the treatment must be repeated every 14 days. The classic IPL device from the trade lasts on average for 100,000 light pulses. In our example, this would correspond to a service life of seven years.