Call to Action for WordPress: 6 plugins to add banners and buttons

The call to action. In CTAs, an imperative verb such as … is usually used. for WordPress, they are like the famous icing on the cake. You can create the best possible site, you can work on landing page customers, often after having the most persuasive and effective in the world, but if you don’t have a good call to action you risk wasting your time. And achieve minimal results relative to potential.

Yes, because the call to action is the decisive step. This sentence allows the reader to reach the crucial point: it pushes him towards an activity that is functional to your business. This step is so important that it is included in every inbound marketing funnel. The… self-respecting: the stranger becomes a visitor thanks to SEO Search Engine Optimization: the set of strategies and practices to position websites or web pages in the organic results of the engines …, SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, …and blogging. But he turns into a customer thanks to landing pages, calls to action, and forms.

The steps to optimize the call to action of your landing pages are clear: in most cases, you have to insert these texts on buttons capable of stimulating the click, of sending the mouse over with its shapes and colors. In this case, persuasive copywriting meets web design and the psychology of colors in a territory close to neuromarketing. For this, you need to have tools to add buttons.

Not everyone knows the code and can create custom buttons. That’s why today I decided to include in this post the best plugins dedicated to call to action for WordPress. Target? Add with ease banner.The announcement consists of an image (.jpg, .png, .gif) or an object …and The Topic Of This Post

  • 1 The characteristics of a Call to Action
  • 2 WP Notification Bar: the top bar
  • 3 WordPress Calls to Action, the best
  • 4 All the benefits of WPi Designer Button
  • 5 Add the Simple Side Tab label
  • 6 WP Canvas Shortcode, CTA but not only
  • 7 Scroll Triggered Boxes: customize your box
  • 8 Call to Action for WordPress: your plugins?

The characteristics of a Call to Action

I want to list plugins to add a call to action on WordPress but it is fair to give certain points to create a noteworthy element. How is an effective call to action? First, it uses an imperative verb, it gives a command to the reader. Then the text must be designed in such a way as to convey a benefit, a value. “Click here to book” is not a good call to action: better “Book to start your dream vacation right away”.

It is not always possible to work in this way, there are spaces to contemplate. But here your ability as a web copywriter comes into play to coordinate with the needs of the web designer who has to optimize some steps. Buttons, for example, must be far from other elements to gain visibility.

When surrounded by text and images, these elements are not noticeable. Then they have to invite the cursor to click by reproducing the action of a real button. Which color? It depends, these are steps that need to be tested. When working on such decisive elements, it is the test that allows you to choose.

WP Notification Bar: the bar at the top

Once there was Hello Bar, today if you want to insert your call to action on a highlighted button you can use WP Notification Bar. This plugin is perfect for keeping the button always highlighted, on a bar fixed in the header of the blog with the latest strengths: simple to use, light, customizable, responsive, fixed, or retractable. Virtually perfect, you can find it here:

WordPress Calls to Action, the best

Yes, maybe WordPress Calls to Action is the best call-to-action plugin for WordPress. The reason is simple: you not only add buttons with this extension but you create a path that goes from the click on the graphic element to the landing page, and you can also create A / B testing In marketing, the A / B test is a term for an experiment with only two variants, A and B, which is used to identify changes that increase … to find the most effective solution for your business.

You can find this plugin on the page and looking at the section dedicated to screenshots you can see that you are not limited to the simple button: you can also create banners and pop-ups to push your CTA. I am not exaggerating: if you want the best for your blog you are in the right place.

All the benefits of WPi Designer Button

A real factory of call-to-action buttons for WordPress. If you are looking for a versatile and well-structured plugin for buttons to be inserted at the end of posts or on the most important pages of your project, this is the way to go. The reason is simple: WPi Designer Button ( ) allows you to create the right button for your needs. I recommend it without any doubt or uncertainty.

This is because you can generate the buttons according to your aesthetic and functional needs, but you can go further. For example, you can work with twin buttons (those that offer two solutions in a single graphic) but also with social share and graphic options that allow you to insert pop-ups and related graphics with the button. In short, this is the best combination if you are looking for a complete but not too demanding product.

Add the Simple Side Tab label

One of the most interesting and discreet opportunities to add calls to action in a WordPress blog. This plugin gives you the ability to insert a tab on the outer border of the template. By clicking on this element you can call up the button you have designed to promote your internal or external page. Simple, effective, and unobtrusive: you can find it in the official directory.

WP Canvas Shortcode, CTA but not only

I want to continue with this plugin that I use every day. Do you need simple and few demanding calls to action for WordPress, but at the same time, you are looking for a more complete editor for your blog? This is the right solution for you: with WP Canvas Shortcode you can create boxes of different colors, columns, grids, curtains with retractable text. You can also generate call-to-action buttons to add to posts or fixed pages.

The downside of this plugin is clear: it’s not just dedicated to calling to action for WordPress. On the other hand, if you don’t need performing solutions, you have a good balance just a click away. Along with a ton of features that can make a difference on your blog. To try, you can find it here:

Scroll Triggered Boxes: customize your box

The last solution to add a CTA button to your box. Scroll Triggered Boxes is a simple and functional plugin, it allows you to add a box on your pages with a button or link. Or what you prefer because the strong point of this extension is precisely the customization. The box appears automatically after a scrolling number that you can decide, but always remember to respect the navigation. The link to reach the extension in question is

Call to Action for WordPress: your plugins?

These are the extensions I use every day to add calls to action on WordPress, to give my content an edge. But, above all, to organize each page from an inbound marketing perspective. It is not always necessary to think in this way, but if you want to turn the blog into a machine to find new customers (and earn), calls to action are important. These, then, are my call-to-action plugins for WordPress: I await your advice and ideas in the comments, as always.

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