Breathe New Life Into Your Home with LED Lighting

Home is where the heart is. It is where you live, and you spend time with your loved ones. It is a place of comfort and safety for you. You fill it with things that you love and enjoy. And then you fill it some more.

An often overlooked aspect of the home decoration is the lighting. The correct lighting can change the entire mood of the space. With the right lighting solutions, you can brighten up a room completely.

You can choose to highlight a certain area of your wall. Or, you can place a light right above your painting to showcase your fabulous artistic skills. How and where and what are the questions you must ask yourself when selecting the lights for your space.

You can go for the traditional lights that are incandescent light bulbs or the latest LED lights. It is not a sin to wish for a more conventional look for your home. It is a well-acknowledged matter that they look beautiful. It has always looked beautiful.

The LED lightings are not meant to completely replace the bulbs. You can choose either. LED just offers another alternative, should you want one.

Why should you choose LED lights for home decoration?

1. LED lights are worth your money. Like all other LED lights, they are very long-lasting. An average fluorescent tube can last for around 3 years. A LED batten can last for almost 8 years with the same usage.

2. Their LED lights are 100% recyclable. Therefore, they do not produce any toxic wastes.

3. Energy consumption is very less. With low energy consumption comes low energy bills. In the long run, you are saving money on your bills.
4. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lights do not need an external fixture to be set up.

5. There is no issue with heat production in LED lights. These lights do not produce any heat at all.

6. There are many certified LED brands in India. These LED lights are recognized by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

These certifications are proof of LED light’s standard performance and increased energy efficiency.

How can Smart Lighting change your life?

Switching to smart lights can be a very intimidating decision.

There is the subject of getting used to this technology. Older people will probably have a little difficulty in getting used to the ins and outs of the brand new lighting system. But with time, they will get used to it and eventually find that it does benefit them. The modern technology of smart LED lighting can be save your electricity bills and save you alot of effort as well.

Brands nowadays are coming with modern smart LED lightin solutions.

Some of the features of C’nnect that make it so handy:

1. These smart lighting solution scan be connected with both Alexa and Google. This gives it additional accessibility. With just your voice, you can now control the lights anywhere in your home. With voice control, you get hands-free access to the lights.

2. It has a very easy installation process. These smart lighting solutions does not have a large number of wires and customizations. Simply, the Smart Controller needs to be connected to the AC mains. This will let you have full control of the lights.

3. With the Wi-Fi feature, you can control the lights even when you are not home. You can be doing your chores or attending different functions. As long as you have an internet connection, you can change your lights at home.

4. Smart Apps developed by brands unlocks more features for your These smart lighting solutions. You can customize lighting scenes for occasions such as movies, candlelight, and parties. You can change the colour temperatures through this app. Along with that, brightness can be changed according to your mood as well. You can set schedules for the lighting. For example, if you set a schedule for candlelight at 8 pm every night. The light will change automatically every night.

Apart from the interior, you can also decorate the exterior with outdoor LED flood lights and bollard lights.