4 Documents You Should Carry While Riding The Motorbike

Riding your motorbike can turn out to be a stress if you do not carry the essential documents with you specially your bike insurance. The Indian laws are so structured that any police personnel may stop you on public roads and demand to check any of those documents. While this may sound arbitrary, in effect, it is for our benefits only.

With cases of offences relating to motor vehicles on the rise, the only way to curb them is to very. MoRTH has made some major changes in Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, applicable from October 1, 2020. After application of the act it imposed very heavy fines for violating traffic rules try to keep related document with you. Now you can also save soft-copies of the documents in your mobile under new law. You can save these documents on govt’s  digi-locker or m-parivahan.

Hence, while the Motor Vehicles Act imposes certain obligations on the owner like registering the vehicle, having a motor insurance, paying taxes, and the likes, the Act also makes it mandatory to carry their documents like the registration certificate, bike insurance renewal certificates, PUC and some other as discussed below. 

1.  Registration Certificate:

We are well aware that while purchasing any new motorbike, the first thing to do is get registered with the respective RTO. Registration is as important as having a valid motor insurance, or maybe more. When a bike is registered, a registration certificate is issued. Under the law, you should always be possessed of your bike’s registration certificate while riding it on public roads.

2. PUC Certificate:

Pollution Under Control, or PUC Certificates are issued after conducting PUC tests on your bikes. A valid PUC Certificate is the proof that your vehicle is complying with the applicable environmental standards and is thus fit to use. PUC Certificates are made mandatory by the law, and even you compulsorily need one while getting your bike insurance renewal as well. A PUC stays valid for a year and needs to be renewed thereafter. Carrying your PUC Certificate while riding your bike is a must. 

3. Bike Insurance Policy:

The Indian laws make it mandatory to have at least a third party insurance for your bike. Without a valid insurance policy, you are not allowed to ride your motor vehicle in public places. Hence maintaining a motor insurance plan and getting your bike insurance renewal on time is extremely important. You should always be possessed of the insurance policies while riding the bike. 

4. Driving License:

Riding a bike without a valid driving license is a punishable offence and should never be encouraged. You may be stopped at any place in a public road and demanded to produce your driving license. Failure to do that may attract punishments under law. So carrying your valid driving license is absolutely necessary.

5. Other Documents:

Besides the above essential documents, you can also carry other documents relating to your motorbike. It will be handy to have your road tax certificate and bike insurance renewal certificate as well. If using a very old motorbike, a fitness certificate is necessary. 

The documents listed above are very important for riding a bike on Indian streets and you should always keep them with you. Not only that, some documents like the PUC Certificate, driving licenses and motor insurance policies need to be up to date. While driving licenses and registration certificates have longer timelines, the PUC and insurance policies are valid for 1-3 years. Hence, getting your bike insurance renewal and PUC tests done from time-to-time is very important.

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