best Xbox Series X games Review in 2021


best Xbox Series X games Review in 2021

After a non-uniform console cycle on the Xbox One, Microsoft's latest console aims to get the ship back into orbit. The Xbox Series X headset is a nex

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After a non-uniform console cycle on the Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest console aims to get the ship back into orbit. The Xbox Series X headset is a next-generation powerhouse that competes with PC games, and the Xbox Series S is an affordable stop for anyone interested in trying out new games.

Thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, you’ll never run out of games that you can play on both consoles. Xbox Game Pass gives players instant access to a collection of old and new titles. This built-in directory is an add value to all new games available on your system with great technical features. When it comes to first-party exclusivity, the X-series continues to grow. The killing app hasn’t been released and doesn’t seem to be released soon. Halo Infinite is currently the largest monopoly, but by 2021 there will be no other routes. This could change quickly with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Bethesda, bringing an exclusive product in the near future, but console strength depends on third-party support.

As the X and S series become more prevalent around the world, we’ve explored the current batch of new Xbox games and put together a list of titles that new console owners shouldn’t miss.

Need two?

You need two people to be the best multiplayer of this kind. This two-player adventure game is the love of Hazelight Studios and director Josef Fares. It’s a pure cooperative game where players solve puzzles and platforms together, rather than playing against each other. Each level has a completely new mechanism that keeps things fresh for a 12 hour adventure. It’s a game created from scratch with multiplayer in mind, and it’s shown.

Great for finding great cooperative games. There are many multiplayer games, but you rarely get players to help you write a story and move forward. These two are rare examples of games that emphasize multiplayer mechanics as much as narration. The story is a romantic comedy about a couple transforming into a little doll during a divorce. They need to work together so that they can return to normal and improve their relationship. This is a clever storytelling plot that fits perfectly into a genre built on good communication and collaboration between players. This is a multiplayer game that saves your friendship, not destroys it.

Control: ultimate edition

Control was a big fan favorite when it first released in 2019. Remedy Entertainment’s static action game delivered incredible psychokinesis and a weird Twin Peaks story. The game was nominated for the coveted Game of the Year at the 2019 Game Awards. Next-gen owners will now have an Ultimate Edition of the game that includes all DLC in one package.

Controls: The Ultimate Edition, frankly, makes the game even better. The original control suffered from technical issues and unstable frame rates, but the next-gen version runs much easier. New technology means ray tracing will make your game look better than ever. For gamers who missed it for the first time, the next-gen version is the perfect reason to revert to one of the most original AAA games released in recent years.

Outriders game

In another year, under various circumstances, the Outriders can fly under radar. Bulletstorm developer’s third-person shooter People Can Fly is a new IP that can cause trouble in the middle of the ocean of famous shooters. Outriders quickly became one of the most exciting spring games when the 2021 launch schedule was delayed due to significant delays. It also helped launch Xbox Game Pass, which provides Xbox Series X owners with what to do.

But that’s not a good thing because there is nothing else to play with. The Outriders are a legitimate blast. This is a high octane action game where players control super powerful heroes who can shoot and shoot space magic at the same time. With the many character classes and the detailed stimulation system added to each gear, there are plenty of ways to hone and build your character. With those three players, it’s one of the best multiplayer experiences available in the X Series today. Until a new IP comes out, it’s a franchise with a bright future.


After all these decades, Tetris is also the perfect puzzle game. Clearing 4 sets of blocks with a straight tetromino is still the most enjoyable gaming experience. Although many games have found a smart way to officially play (see Tetris 99 or Whirlpool Tetris), the Tetris effect has become the best way to experience the game.

Originally released on PlayStation 4 with excellent VR mode, the Xbox version brings the trippy visuals of the game to the X series. Basically, the player plays a game full of interesting visuals and music, making it a perfect chill-out game. The Xbox version offers new multiplayer options (and therefore Connected Monica), bringing cooperative and competitive games. There is no VR element to come out on the original version, but it’s still a fun puzzle game with a great vibe.