Best Indian restaurant in Bethesda

Bethesda is one of the most famous place in United States. There are many Indian restaurants in Bethesda where you get authentic and quality food. They offer a variety of dishes which are prepared keeping in mind the Indian taste, ingredients and spices.

Tikka masala is one of the Best Indian restaurant in Bethesda. It has been rated and reviewed by many top ranking websites and customers also. Apart from the tasty food this restaurant provides a good atmosphere, hygiene and great sense of hospitality.

The restaurant has also provided the full menu on their website for your ease where the most preferred dishes are mentioned that is the dishes which are mostly ordered by Indian people visiting the restaurant.

The business hours of the restaurant are 12 PM to 9 PM.

CONTACT DETAILS: +1 301-312-8191

Email: [email protected]

Address: 4929 Elm Street Bethesda MD 20814

Best Indian restaurant in Bethesda

Quality food

Quality of food is outstanding with fresh ingredients used and hygiene maintained. The most famous and popular dish of the restaurant is chicken tikka masala, anyone who visits the restaurant be it Indian or even localite tries this dish.

Here you can try their non-veg and veg items according to your preference, also they have provided menu on their website. Bestsellers are mentioned too. Bestsellers are the dishes which most of the people like apart from anything else. So here you can have full course meal along with sweet dish items to complete your meal.


Hygiene is the most important thing which restaurant has to maintain. The ingredients which they use they place where the food is prepared and the people who prepare the food all have to take care of cleanliness. All the ingredients, vegetables are hand checked before preparing to make the food. The staff working at the restaurant is fully vaccinated so no need to worry about the safety.

Indian food

Whenever an Indian away from home we want some good Indian style dishes so as to experience the rich Indian taste. Tikka masala is the best rated restaurant in Bethesda where you find mouthwatering dishes with the original Indian taste and same spices.

Staff hospitality

As soon as you enter the restaurant there will be staff greeting you and guiding you to the table which is free. You will notice the politeness and professionalism of the staff throughout your time spent in the restaurant.

Menu and special dishes

The menu consists of the most famous dishes of the town that are most ordered by the people who come from India, also the menu consists the most famous dishes of Bethesda. There is a special discount offer on family special meal.

Apart from all this the atmosphere and vibe of this place is amazing. You get to sit in a beautiful sophisticated space. The restaurant also provides the facility of booking the whole place for your special function or occasion- be it casual like birthdays or anniversaries or some formal like corporate or social gathering. This can be done at a specific time with prior appointment and notice. The seating capacity is 80 people.

If you are not willing to sit in the restaurant and have your meal than you can opt for takeaway delivery and take your meal with yourself or you can opt for home delivery also. They are present on food delivery applications also.

You can also book the table prior to your visit if you are a couple or a family planning to visit the restaurant. The service is very quick and management is very punctual. You get the food or delivery parcel on time without any delay.

The Indian restaurant is maintaining its own website and it has provided all the necessary details about the place, owner, its contact details and menu too. You can have a look at the website and also to the other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They provide the necessary updates and introduction of new dishes and other such information on their social media platforms.

Also at the last they are Best catering services in Bethesda also be it any type casual, formal or social events. The menu is pre-decided and you can make the changes in that according to your requirement. The prices are very affordable and at the same time very reasonable. Dishes are prepared keeping in mind the type of function whether exclusive and expensive dishes are to be served if it is a corporate event or some regular dishes which are rich in taste and flavor are to be served if it is casual event.