Benefits of regular physical exercises


Benefits of regular physical exercises

The way to a healthier you is to understand first the many benefits of exercise in the body. By becoming aware, you open yourself up to knowing and un

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The way to a healthier you is to understand first the many benefits of exercise in the body. By becoming aware, you open yourself up to knowing and understanding that what you do with your body will have an impact to your overall wellbeing. Some of them include the following:

Exercise helps you lose weight – did you know that even mellow exercises burn three times the number of calories than just sitting still on the couch working the remote? In order to lose a kilo, you need to burn 3500 calories. That is a total of 500 calories to lose a pound per week. At the end of the day, the amount of weight you lose will depend on the number of calories burned. Remember, calories in versus calories out. It is that simple.

Exercise lowers cholesterol levels – exercise by itself, even without weight loss, is still effective. According to studies, it is through exercise that the protein particles that carry cholesterol changes structure making it difficult for them to create damage to the arteries and cause heart disease.

Exercise makes for a healthy heart – an inactive person’s heart beats 70 to 75 times per minute. That is more than a beat per second. An active person, on the other hand, has a heart that is so strong it could squeeze at about 25 percent more blood with every beat, only needing to pump 50 times per minute, 36,000 fewer beats each day, and 13 million fewer beats in a year.

Exercise brings down blood pressure – those who exercise or even do simple activities such as gardening have clearer arteries particularly the carotid arteries (known as the major blood vessels that delivers blood to the brain), than those who do nothing and live a sedentary lifestyle.

Exercise makes you feel happier – Exercise works the same way as antidepressants do, and even more effective at that. A simple walk around the neighborhood has the ability to boost the mood even of someone who has been clinically depressed.

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Simple Ways to Stay Active

In order to stay active, you must have set goals, must know how to measure your progress, and stay on the right track.

Set excellent yet measurable goals – Do not settle for vague goals saying, “I want to be healthy”. It will only give you nothing to really aim for. “I want to start my journey towards a healthy body now and check my progress every week of July.” This, on the other hand, is a measurable goal.

Create a plan – to make your goals a reality, you must make a concrete action plan. Setting simple and reasonable goals will help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle. Begin with the words, “I will” so you will sure to do it. Write it down on paper and make sure to analyze your progress as you move forward.

Set weekly goals – this is what you call “stepping stone” goals. If you are aiming for a big shot, set short term goals weekly or monthly to keep you on track without getting discouraged.

Reward your success – this is the perfect time to nurture yourself. While you are shedding the old, unhealthy habits and making room for a new and healthier life, giving yourself small rewards would mean a lot. There is nothing wrong with occasional bars of chocolates and chips but avoid putting emphasis on food as your only source of satisfaction and self-gratification. You can instead give yourself something like buy new running shoes, a dress, get a massage or a treat to the spa.

Do not forget to be patient and forgive yourself – there will be days when you get swamped at work, eat 2 servings of rice, and eat for two. But you have to realize that nobody’s perfect. Even the most disciplined and dedicated people have their gloomy days. But remember that the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is on how they deal with said setbacks. If you immediately thought to yourself, “I’ve ruined it”, “I’m fat, so why bother?” it would be hard to accept that there will be times when you will fail and won’t follow by the article. Those who are able to manage their healthy lifestyle successfully shrug off the workout dilemma and random overeating and just go back to making healthy choices once again. You know what? You can, too!

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