Benefits of correspondence MBA course

Lovely professional university distance MBA


Lovely Professional University Distance MBA is one of the best and most preferred course programs and it is also known as a name of Master of Business Administration. Master’s in Business Administration is a 2-year post-graduate program that provides knowledge in sectors, for example, finance, banking, marketing, sales, accounting, insurance, and so on. MBA is only for those persons who already have an undergraduate degree ideally in BBA, but other graduate degrees are applicable as well.

Lovely Professional University Distance MBA is a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, it goes deeply into various concepts taught during under -graduation. A candidate will be highly skilled and job-ready after completing his 2-year MBA course.

Aspirants are supposed to opt for a specialization in their course depending upon which industry and sector they wish to work in. Online distance courses present MBA as full-time education, aspirants may opt whichever suits them the best.

Online education is one of the best for those people who are already pursuing a full-time job and wish to upgrade their skills. Online MBA course provides the freedom to study from anywhere or any time according to their choice and with its lower tuition expenses, it becomes more and more viable choice over a full-time course.

After completing the MBA course, we are getting a better salary, more growth prospects, and more opportunities to rise to a higher level.

Eligibility criteria and duration

  • MBA is a Two-year post-graduate program, and it is divided into four semesters. Where each semester focuses on several concepts.
  • Aspirants must have scored an aggregate of 55% in graduation while pursuing BBA or any other degree.
  • The students must have scored at least marks set by the university in the entrance exam, although different distance education universities don’t require one.

Specializations in MBA

There is a vast variety of specializations presented in LPU distance education MBA and aspirants may opt for whichever they seem suit. Syllabus of MBA, all candidates are the same except for the specialization they chose.

Some of those specializations are as follows –

  • Human Resource
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • International Business
  • Retail
  • IT and system
  • Operations
  • Import and Export
  • Health care and hospital
  • General Management
  • Logistics and chain supply management
  • Corporate Management

Every candidate should choose a specialization according to their career plans and whichever suits them the best.

Jobs and placements

Lovely Professional University Distance MBA education has a dedicated placement center, which offers students interviews with big multinational companies. They even prepare the students with mock interviews before, so they can give their best. Multinational companies visit every year to hire skilled and knowledgeable employees.

There is a wide scope of careers after completing an MBA. You can get a job in the specialization’s sector you opt for, or you look in other sectors as well, such as – investment banking, finance, marketing, insurance, and so on. So, next time you or someone you know wishes and tries to get MBA, recommend them the LPU distance education MBA program.