Beginners Guide to Trade in Cryptocurrency

Lots of people are choosing to trade Cryptocurrency due to its high volatile asset that allows you to get huge returns in fewer days than traditional investments but it is full of risks.

Bitcoin is right now the best cryptocurrency to trade due to its increase in value but as we already told you that the price of cryptocurrency is volatile, so there is a risk of losing your crypto to the market.

Here are a few steps to guide you to trade in cryptocurrency:

Create a cryptocurrency brokerage account:

Well, if you do not own cryptocurrency then you will need to create a crypto brokerage account. Some of the best crypto brokerages on the market are Coinbase, eToro, and Gemini, they offer a simple user interface for beginners and also provide you with different altcoins that you can simply choose.

Creating a new account is not a big deal, you just need to provide your personal information to the crypto brokerage like- your address, Social security number, and your date of birth.

Fund your account:

“What value does cryptocurrency actually add? No one’s been able to answer that question for me,” said Steve Eisman, an American businessman and investor known for having shorted collateralized debt obligations, thereby profiting from the collapse of the US housing bubble in 2007–2008.

After creating an account with a crypto brokerage, you will need to connect your bank account so that you can manage your funds. Well, most of the crypto brokerage in the market allows bank funding through debit cards or wire transfers. Coinbase and Gemini allow free wire transfers so that you can fund your account.

Choose crypto to invest in:

Right now Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market and cryptocurrency traders are choosing these two options to allocate their capital. Active traders allocate a small portion of their capital to smaller altcoins. Smaller mid-market cap cryptos are indeed riskier than large-market cap cryptos, but some of these smaller altcoins have 1000% in a few months. This makes it an attractive investment for traders.

Choose a strategy:

It’s important to consider many factors in consideration when are trying to buy or sell cryptocurrency. If you are a beginner in crypto trading then you must educate yourself through a cryptocurrency trading course or you can take the help of a good mentor who can guide you on the correct path.

Store your cryptocurrency:

You need to get a crypto wallet to store your funds on the exchange to have access to them. Cryptocurrency wallets are digital wallets that are fully secured and safe to use. To access the wallet you need to have the key that only the owner has and other than that nobody can access the wallet.

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