A New Button That Caused Too Much Noise (And A Little Bit About KickassMovz)

Surprisingly this change causes a lot of negativity in our community and among our user, so we feel that we need to make an official statement concerning our “sold-out” status.

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Since day one we were a team of enthusiasts whose goal was to create a good torrent site and we never expected that we would become so big. With our growth we have doubled our efforts, but still we’re getting bigger and bigger and KickassTorrents today requires more resources than we have godlike productions. People who visit out website on a daily basis might have noticed that we are constantly struggling with bugs and server crashes, and recently the situation became nearly critical. To keep the website working we started looking for a solution.

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We were never interested in overloading the website with advertising and we haven’t received too much donation proposals (about half a dozen actually :)). We also want to run the site independently and that is why we are not interested in finding an external financial source. So eventually we decided to add a service that will help us with resources we need to keep the website working. Just like with many other changes we tried to make it small and not annoying. So from now on we are offering fast direct download of movies. As for the torrent side everything stays and you will still be able to use KickassTorrents without any fees or payments.

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KickassTorrents will remain free and will be still the number one website for us! KickassMovz will be paid support site that will hopefully help us to bring KickassTorrents to a whole new professional level.

Sincerely yours,
KickassTorrents Staff

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For people who are interested in what is KickassMovz; it is a new direct movie download service offered by KickassTorrents and in this update we will tell you a little about its main features.

1. Download Speed
The download speed is fast; you don’t depend on someone else’s seeding speed. Our servers will give you the speed that your broadband can handle.

2. Reliability
100% of the file is there and you don’t need to wait till someone gets online or starts seeding.

3. Anonymity
On KickassMovz you are anonymous and additionally protected by the website!

4. Simplicity
No additional software installed, no manual/rule reading, just register pick a movie and start downloading.

5. Organization and Information
You can search the movies by actor, director, genre, year and country. In addition to this every movie has detailed information and screenshots.

And of course this service will be helpful for people who have torrents blocked by their provider.

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Shortly we will also add a special option that will allow to remove the Download button and other upcoming changes related to our financial backup part.