A Brief Guide to Legal Recreational Cannabis in New York State

It is no secret that the public acceptance rate of cannabis has skyrocketed in recent times. Because of this leap, the legalization has also subsequently increased in numerous states across America. In 37 states, cannabis is legal for medicinal use while recreational cannabis is legal in 18 states, Guam, Washington DC, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

As sales and growth continue to skyrocket, people are jumping on the bandwagon and are reaping the benefits of this “green gold rush.” Innovative businesses and start-ups are blossoming–and flourishing– in this new and exciting cannabis market.

The cannabis market is only looking to grow more and more. New projections show that, by 2022, legal cannabis sales will reach $22 billion. If you are at all interested in also joining in and getting the most of this impending cannabis boom, then you should be fully aware of the laws and legislation of the state you’re intending on conducting cannabis business.

If you are looking to conduct your business in New York, you should know more about particular laws and other information, including New York cannabis consumer insights. Let’s look at what’s legal and illegal in the state, then where you can find the most recent and legitimate New York cannabis consumer insights to lead to a more profitable business venture.

What’s Legal in New York?
Let’s start off by discussing what exactly is legal in New York in terms of cannabis, its growth, usage, and other applicable laws. First things first, cannabis consumption and growth is only legal for adults 21 and older under The Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA).

Both medicinal and recreational cannabis is legal in the state of New York. For recreational cannabis, those who are 21+ years of age are allowed to purchase and have up to three ounces of cannabis flower. As for concentrates, consumers are allowed to possess 24 grams of concentrates. Concentrates include oils, edibles, vapes, tinctures, and so on.

While it may sound quite open in terms of location for consumption, this is not the case. Cannabis can only be consumed in state-licensed on-site locations and in private residences. If a specific location prohibits smoking tobacco, it also prohibits smoking cannabis.

Consumers should also be careful about possessing, smoking, and vaping cannabis products in locations like hotels. This may be banned by particular establishments, so check with the staff beforehand. This also applies to landlords and renting in certain locations.

As for growing, those who are 21 years or older are allowed up to six plants for personal use (three that are mature and three that are immature), but also a maximum of twelve plants per household (six mature and six immature), regardless of the number of 21+-year-old residents.

What’s Illegal in New York?
While the aforementioned legal situations are especially exciting for any cannabis consumer or producer, you should also be aware of the illegal situations.

Cannabis may be legal in New York and many other states, but it is illegal to consume cannabis products on federal property since it’s illegal on the federal level. These locations include national parks and forests, among others.

Driving under the influence of cannabis is also illegal and could result in a DUI and/or significant injuries to yourself and others.

While you’re allowed to grow six plants for home cultivation (3 mature, 3 immature), it’s important to note that these need to be safely kept and far away from minors. These also cannot be sold to others and can only be used for your personal use. It’s also illegal to make cannabis concentrates or hash oil using butane, alcohol, or propane from these plants.

If you have any questions about cannabis legality in New York State, be sure to visit Adult Use from the Office of Cannabis Management. As important as all of this information may be, you should also familiarize yourself with New York cannabis consumer insights if you’re looking to make a real and profitable business out of this booming market.

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