9 Ways to Mask the Weed Smell When Smoking Marijuana

Here we will go over some ways to mask the smell of weed when smoking.


When using marijuana, you can expect to quickly become surrounded by thick clouds of strong smelling smoke that lingers for three to five hours.


Naturally, you may want to do whatever you can to mask the smell so that your usage is not apparent to those nearby.


Luckily, we have provided the nine best ways to do so below, so keep reading.



1) Burn Incense

Burning incense is a cheap way to mask weed’s scent, seeing as how each stick typically costs around five cents.


The incense with the strongest and best scents are nag champa, sandalwood, patchouli, and lavender. You can find incense sticks at retail stores like Walmart, Dollar General, and even some gas stations.


2) Diffuse Essential Oils

Many essential oils mask and eliminate the smell of marijuana smoke.


The best options are lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lime, orange, and any other citrusy oil.


You can purchase essential oils and a diffuser at your local dollar store for less than fifteen dollars.


3) Vape Pen

Using a vape pen to smoke your cannabis can help cut down on the odor given off.


This is because the herb does not directly contact the heating element resulting in a more subtle aroma.


Additionally, vapor dissipates from the air much faster than smoke.


4) Put Everything Away

After you smoke, store your cannabis in air-tight containers and put away any paraphernalia or tools that you used to smoke.


For smokers, the scent of cannabis is not very noticeable, but for non-cannabis users, the presence of weed is quite obvious. So, put it all away in drawers and boxes that won’t let any of the aromas leak through.


5) Clean Up

Since the smell of marijuana is so strong and noticeable to nonsmokers, you should also clean yourself and the area because smoke sticks to all surfaces.


Use a good smelling cleaner to wipe down tables or counters, take a shower, and put on new clothes.


6) Spray Odor Eliminators

Although air fresheners are cheaper than most odor eliminators, they are much less effective.


Usually, spraying air fresheners leaves the room smelling like you were trying to cover up the scent of smoke since air fresheners don’t remove the smell and mix with what’s already lingering in the room.


The best odor eliminators are Cannabolish, Smoke eater, Kushley, Zep, and Funk Away.


You can go to Veriheal to find a local dispensary where you order or pick up one of these sprays.


7) Cook Something

If you don’t have anything to spray or burn after smoking, you can kill two birds with one stone by cooking some food to satisfy your munchies while filling the house with a more pleasant aroma.


Some ideas of what to make are cookies, apple pie, fajitas, banana bread, cinnamon rolls, and bacon.


Just make sure that you are not too high to remember that you have something cooking unless you want to mask cannabis smoke with smoke from burning food.


8) Smoke Near a Window

Smoking out of a window does not necessarily mask the smell, but it does keep the pungent scent out of the house.


If smoking in the house, open a window, turn on a portable fan, and blow smoke out of the window.


This method is best for people with neighbors that don’t mind the smell or have ample space between neighboring houses.


9) Use a Sploof

More seasoned smokers may be familiar with what a sploof is, but for those who are not, it is a tool you smoke through to filter the scent of weed smoke.


You can either purchase a sploof for about fifteen dollars or make your own with just a few materials lying around your home.


To make your own sploof, take a toilet paper roll and rubber band a dryer sheet around the top. Then crumble or fold up a few pieces of dryer sheets and put them through the open hole.


Once you have your sploof, blow your smoke through it, and the room will be filled with the scent of fresh laundry instead of cannabis.


Marijuana gives off an odor that is obvious to individuals that have come in contact with it before.


Suppose you don’t particularly want to advertise your cannabis use. In that case, you can cover up or eliminate the smell by using incense, using a sploof, smoking out of a window, using a vape pen, cooking, cleaning up, and diffusing essential oils.

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