7 Reasons You Can Happily Cut the Trees

You must be wondering that in this situation where our plant needs more greenery for its survival, why are we talking about cutting the tree? There is no better time to plant a tree than right now but at times there comes a situation where you have to do that and we will tell you in this segment the genuine reason.

Although the idea might seem wrongful for you there are various instances present when cutting a tree is considered to be the wise decision since there are no genuine possibilities that go along with keeping them around. The simplest example would be that a tree’s growth went on to be so large and dangerous that it was posing a threat to the nearby structure or people. 

However, make sure that before you take such a step you have all the required permissions from the local authority regarding the same otherwise a legal action is something that you won’t be able to take down. Apart from that, contact the professionals from the north shore tree services as you won’t be able to take the tree by yourself, and doing so will put your life at risk. 

Let’s take a look at the instances where you can take down a tree with no guilt:

1. Trees that are getting old

No matter how dearly you loved a certain tree but all of them have a certain lifespan more or less and although it is tough to determine a number they do show some symptoms over the period. 

You won’t find the answers on google and only a tree expert can determine and make the guess with the life expectancy of trees and here also they are limited to only a few species. 

Since the information present is very limited and most of the time turns out to be irrelevant, the growing conditions of the trees at a certain point show the sign of danger. 

This includes falling or destroying the nearby landscape and before such mishappening, it is better to take down the tree. Apart from the destruction, they also create a lot of mess after that and it requires a whole lot of money and effort to get rid of them.

2.To clear the path for an ongoing construction

It is a very small thing when you look at it but if you leave a plant to grow near a building, fences, or pathway then in the next few years the root expansion of the same would be a thing of problems for them. 

And if there is already a medium-sized tree around such landscapes or for an upcoming construction then in this case removing the plant or tree is the only option left.

3.Root expansion

We talked in the previous post about how trees with their large growth can cause big problems but the same problem is witnessed with the root expansion as well. 

The bigger a tree gets the more complicated and vast its root system goes and the same root expansion is a thing of cause if they are too close to a nearby structure then nothing can stop the cracks from appearing there. 

It is seen that few trees have roots that go beyond 50 meters and they are the stealth stealers as well that take all the nutrients from the essential plants.

4.In search of firewood

Firewood is still an important source of fuel for many households and industries. This is why there are dedicated trees planted for them which ought to be taken down once they reach their full growth or in case they become out of control since one left them with no supervision. 

Don’t worry about the environmental damage since these people keep planting the replacements at a rapid pace before taking one down.

5.Dispute with the neighbors

Yes, you read that right! It’s not like we are saying that people hate trees, the problem starts when the large growth or heavy fruits starts damaging the structure, vehicles, or even passer-by. The initial measure is to chop them up but if things are too problematic then taking them down is the only resort.

6.A tree of no use

We know that trees are essential for as minimum as shade and oxygen but if you are looking to replace them with the ones who can provide this more along with other benefits then it is not a bad idea at all.

7. Causing danger 

The large stems and branches of the tree keep growing with no limit and sometimes this growth becomes dangerous when they are too close to the high voltage power lines. 

Once again, the solution starts from chopping down the large plants but if they are too near or have complicated growth then taking down a tree is better instead of putting one’s life in danger.

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