5 Signs You Might Need Shopify SEO Services

You could make the understatement of the year by claiming that managing an online store built on Shopify is easy by any stretch of the expression. The

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You could make the understatement of the year by claiming that managing an online store built on Shopify is easy by any stretch of the expression. There are so many different variables and metrics you need to track that simply don’t exist with brick and mortar stores.

How does traffic find your website? What channels are you more lucrative? What do users do once they click on your listing? Do they end up converting?

Those few questions just represent a small slice of the possibilities you need to juggle when running a Shopify eCommerce business. Many entrepreneurs turn to a digital marketing partner for a dedicated Shopify SEO campaign in order to generate higher interest in their business and bring in more organic traffic.

Here are some signs that your website might be able to benefit from Shopify SEO services.

  1. Organic traffic is low or on a downward trend.

Organic traffic is one of the key metrics that are most directly impacted by the effects of Shopify SEO services. If your organic traffic is on a downward trend or it is simply lower than you would like it to be, by optimizing the ranking signals associated with your Shopify website, you may be able to turn this trend around.

  1. You run paid ad campaigns, but every time you end them, traffic plummets.

It’s natural for traffic to drop off after a paid search campaign, but if your traffic dips significantly, it means your Shopify business probably relies too heavily on paid search for sales. Shopify SEO services can optimize your website to popular more prominently in the search results, bringing in organic leads to help balance out paid search traffic.

  1. Your website has inexplicable patterns of user behavior, a high bounce rate, or low conversion rates.

Confusing entry and exit statistics and an inexplicable customer journey may indicate that your website is ranking for keywords that are not well aligned with your buyer persona, or for keywords associated with low intent-to-buy. A high bounce rate and low conversions may very well indicate the same, signaling to you that you need to improve your keyword research efforts or enlist the help of Shopify SEO experts for a custom-built search engine optimization campaign.

  1. You can’t find your own website on Google when you try searching for key search terms, and your competitors’ websites do show up.

If you do have access to a list of keywords that you believe your customers are routinely searching for, it’s a big red flag if you can’t find your own listings when searching them. It’s even more concerning when your competitors do show up.

Any of these signs may indicate that your online presence is poorly optimized and that it could be improved to generate more long-term traffic. You have a business to run – work with an SEO agency that is experienced in delivering SEO for Shopify businesses.

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