5 New Fall Fashions That Can’t Be Ignored

Overview of Fall Fashions

Autumn is just around the corner and that can only mean that designers are readying their hot new fashions for style-lovers the world over. The fall fashion offerings are looked forward to with excitement each year. This year’s season promises to thrill!

The following five fashion designs are especially exciting, so be sure to get your hands on them when they hit the racks!

Black is Back

Maybe black never goes out of style; its classic elegance has remained a fall and winter staple. This fall, however, it’s the required balance for brightly colored accents. Temper your bright red Mary Janes with black tights.

Balance your bright fuchsia mini dress with a black hose and shoes. Although you’ll be seeing lots of hot bright colors this fall, expect to see them paired with plenty of blacks.

Be sure to load up on lots of styles of black tights, purses, sweaters, jackets, slacks, belts, and scarves. An edgy pair of cool black boots will not sit hidden in your closet—they’ll be a great complement to your bright mini dresses and short skirts.

Floral Prints

Fashionistas got to ooh and ahh lots of patterns at recent fashion shows. Models sported head-to-toe patterns in a myriad of prints, but the floral motif was a real standout. Bright floral prints on a background of black or navy blue offer a stylish update on the floral look.

To keep these new duds from looking like decades-old offerings, designers have provided the clothes with modern lines and stylish cuts. Expect to see lots of patterned Kaftans this season, too, as well as plenty of handbags and other over-the-top patterned accents.

Wine is Fine

From brick red to aubergine, you’ll want to add shades of red and purple to your wardrobe this fall. Promised to be the hot fall colors of the season, go for somber shades of wine that complement your skin and blend with other fallish colors like chocolate, black, and charcoal gray.

Expect to see a wide range of garments in wine colors and incorporate various fabric types into your collection. A silky plum blazer or a burgundy leather coat would not lead you amiss this season! Also, look for wine-colored accents—shoes, boots, purses, and even hats will complement your look this autumn. If you have garnet jewelry, be sure to wear it with your outfits!

Velvety Soft

While fashion experts predict a chic and altogether adult look for women this season that captures their strength and hints at their power, the trend for soft and sultry velvet is a stunning addition to this fall’s fashions. Coats and coat dresses will be all the rage, but you can add some made from velvet and you’ve just doubled your fashion appeal!

Rich velvet in solid colors like midnight blue or chic velvet prints that adorn sleek styles will definitely make you feel like a style queen. You can add velvet touches to other outfits; look for shoes, handbags, headbands, and belts that boast rich velvet colors. Since various fabrics will be mix and match this season, try pairing your velvet blazer with leather pants or a velvet hat with a faux fur coat.

Bejeweled is Better

If you love jeweled accents, you’re in luck this fall! Bejeweled collars or beaded embellishments on dresses and blouses will be a favorite fall trend this year. Gems and stones in a multitude of colors and designs will sparkle at every turn as you hit the stores this fall. Handbags will also sport bedazzled designs.

Don’t be afraid to stand out with large chunky stones strewn down the length of a sumptuous red velvet skirt—it’ll be the hippest thing going and you’ll love the regal look!

While lots of new looks hit the catwalk recently, these five falls fashion elements are likely to be the season’s hottest. Get a jump on your fall wardrobe by adding these styles to your closet right away!

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