3 Best Dog Breed for Children: best playmate and Family Dog

Why do you think choosing the best dog breed for children is very important? Have you seen a kid not asking for a dog? No way.
Being a parent one should always think of his/her children as being more compassionate, responsible, and cooperative in every aspect. How can we teach them all these beautiful lifestyles that will go with their whole lives?
Making kids friends with the most beautiful creature in the world “Dogs” is the best thing one parent can do. To support this argument I would say that about 78 percent of the children naturally ask dogs as a pet to their parents.
What dog breed a kid may want? It’s a very difficult question to ponder because some kids want a dog in small size, some may ask big, or maybe one can ask for a large one. So, as a parent, it is an essential and relatively important thing to do research and exploration to find a breed that is good with temperament, quality, and most importantly safety of the whole family.
Dog Breed

Why is breed important?

The breed is an essential factor for the selection of the dog. The question is which one should we choose? Some dogs happen to be purebred, some to be mixed/crossed which determines the size, quality, temperament, and behavior of the dogs.
Having a dog pet is a long-term commitment so one should be thinking thoroughly before getting a dog as a pet. Therefore choosing a good dog breed that is more obedient and not needing so much catering is the best thing to do.
How do we define a kid-friendly dog breed?
An ideal breed or dog possesses these three possible attributes; it should be cute, safe, and nonetheless should be a good playmate. Kids are always eager to throw tantrums. Keeping in mind the dog we choose for them should be child-friendly. They should be intelligent enough to assess the situation that provides a friendly atmosphere.

Key factors to wonder about before selecting a dog breed

There are lots of factors that encompass the dog breed.
Temper: what is the percentage of the temperament of the dog breed?
Safety and size: is your family safe with the dog or can the dog adjust easily with your family?
Behavior: is the dog friendly or not? How will it develop a healthy relationship?
Comprising all the factors and key points in mind there are three very diligent dog breeds


“Carlin or he Carlin ” or simply Pugs. This is a small breed dog when it comes to size. But when it comes to friendliness, joyfulness, and energy these little power packs are one of their kind. They were the lapdogs long ago in history. This was due to their miniature size. Their wrinkled cute face is the point scorer of all.
They are not aggressive overall. They can create a little fuss when they are too young but still, we can rely on their good training. We can work on their personality to get long-term rewards.
Pugs are friendly most of the time. The temperament test of pugs is better than all the family dogs. They score 91 percent on the temperament test which gives them a slight edge over other breeds.
However, there are still some cons and tiny issues. Puppies are seen to be a little bumpy and boisterous. But with time they can be adjustable in a good manner.
When kids find a good playmate they tend to be taking more care of them. Kids make them eat more which can make them obese which can lead further towards other diseases.


This dog is the 24th most popular dog in the world. The hairy profile and bright eyes are popular attributes- the lapdog aka Havana silk dog. Further details, this breed is 10th most likely to be a family and children friendly breed.
What do you want in a dog breed? Friendliness, energy, mutual understanding, and safety. This is your dog then. A complete dog breed that is cute due to its hairy nature. It showers unending love and affection that makes children fall in love with it.
Havanese are extremely social which makes them superior to other breeds.
Their size is small and huggable.
They were called as Toy breed
Considered as low maintenance breed of its nature
The dog demands less care but shows more energy and agility. It is what you need to conform to the nature of the children. Children want dogs because they find them at their level which is full of compassion and connectivity. Havanese have a history of being well connected with children. They require only basic care.
But when you think a dog should be gentle, you should also teach kids to be more considerate too.
They have a wonderful playful nature that makes them different from others. Havanese belong to a small family breed of dogs. They usually run and cherish all the family members altogether.
When you choose a good small family dog, Havanese with most of the advantages and pros should be considered one of the ideal picks.


When one can discuss the obedient dogs, there must be the name of Golden retriever. And when we are discussing children and dogs there should be a golden retriever by all means. They are a medium-sized breed that is not large or not that small. Yet they are highly adjustable with kids and family due to their nature of compliance and obedience. Due to all these positive qualities, the golden retriever is often called an American family dog.
Furthermore, they are quiet sometimes, but not that lazy. They could be so noisy sometimes. Their temperament score is very impressive , about 85%. They inhibit the quality of being tolerant and being poised.
The management and training of gold are much easier than other dogs that award him a place in the top 10 family dogs list.
One of the other numerous advantages of owning a golden retriever is they do not create fuss-related allergy and shedding. This is an ideal condition a dog owner can ask for.


Choosing a dog breed for children is a demanding and strenuous task. Petting a dog or any animal is just like upbringing a child. Like a kid asks for care, love, and attention. Having a dog on board is the same as having a kid. So, whenever kids throw tantrums we try to give them full attention and care. The same case is with dogs. The dog also wants your care and attention but the reward they give in the form of faithfulness and loyalty is unmatchable. Your dog will show full energy when it is needed the most. All they need is your concentration and devotion.

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