Performing in the school by students in the digital age is raising a lot of questions. For parents, who grew up without internet technology think that this digital age is good for my child or not? Do electronics help my child’s school performance or not? There are observations about the negative impact of internet-enabled electronics like laptops, tablets.

A Psychological Science study recorded college students found that non-academic internet use was frequent and inversely related to performance on the subject’s cumulative final exam—regardless of interest in the class, motivation to succeed and intelligence (full article: “Logged In and Zoned Out: How Laptop Internet Use Relates to Classroom Learning”).

One more observation in 2019 study in Educational Psychology said: An International Journal of Experimental Psychology found that student’s exam performance was poorer for the material taught in classes that allowed electronic use than those that did not (full article: “Dividing attention in the classroom reduces exam performance”).

A 2013 study in Communication Education found that of students who watched a video lecture took notes and took quizzes afterwards, those who did not use their mobile phones wrote down 62% more information took more detailed notes and was able to recall more detailed information from the lecture than those who did use mobile phones during the lecture (full article: “The Impact of Mobile Phone Usage on Student Learning”).

So this observations analysis the students of the digital age and After school program encourages the child to not to distract and make the future of the child safe and brighter. Digital distraction is a real problem for today’s generation. After school program teaches the child the power of concentration.

It encourages the child to separate study time and screen time. The mentors of After school program encourages the child to make a short term objective for every session. The students should have a to-do list to work in an organized way which helps them to fulfil their task. If the child is struggling to focus on their studies then he needs help for developing a good study system.

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